Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why chaos?

5 chickens. alive. pooping. digging. pecking. (each other) egg laying chickens.

4 kids. 1 who loves to wrangle the chickens. 1 who loves to watch younger sister wrangle chickens. 2 who think they want to potty train. themselves. in the nude. in the backyard. standing up. (even though 1 is a girl). Standing girl locking self in house. Oldest son climbing through window to let her out.

1 husband. mending fences. cutting bushes. fixing decks. chainsawing trees. modifying chicken coop. bagging leaves. hauling debris. chicken chasing. removing screens. (see above)

1 mommy. baking bread. baking brownies. cooking mashed potato's. watching 4 kids. giggling at 1 husband. grilling chicken. (not the live ones;). washing laundry. garden planting. cleaning potties. washing hands. thanking God for the blessings. Did I mention giggling?!!

Yep, just another day (compacted into 20 minutes) in the life of this urban country, laughing as I go, mommy!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Notice from funchaosx4 A.K.A. granola girl to idreamincountry

Blog a post already, would ya?! ;)

Yes, I am still wearing a bra, thanks for asking ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Does this statement make me no longer a "family" blog? LOL!!!