Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So, I teased a giveaway on facebook when funchaosx4 reached 100+ fans. Leave it to Mr. Producer to point out the obvious, "hun, you do know you actually have to have something to give away don't you?" Well, that got me to thinking.....what do I have that I could give away?

I'll let the random winner choose...........Your choices include, but may not be limited to..........

6 chickens
1 cute puppy
1 old cat
4 randomly kind, wonderful, funny, needing lots of reminders to clean up after themselves, kids
1 equally needing reminders for life in general husband
millions of gray hairs (caused by the aforementioned  cute life sucking vultures beings
10 extra pounds (only 9 years old :)
sleepless nights
thousands of dollars in college loans
obscene amounts of dust and dirt
hundreds of loads of yearly laundry
miles of crumb trails
never ending puddles of spills
frequent tears
1 well used spanking stick
antiquated, useless, work when it wants to, computer
TONS of endless sarcasm and jokes......

or you could simply accept my never ending love, gratefulness (and maybe a $15 gift card to a store of your choice ;)