Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sick: the pros

The last 2 days have found mommy chaos so sick in bed she barely knows her own name. Yet, laying here I have come to realize there are some pros to being sick, both from mommys viewpoint and the kids.

Here's the kids:
1. We get to do whatever we want because daddy is working, mommy is too sick to move and its too early to call nana.
2. Nana comes and gets us, as we are eating our 4th bowl of sugar (otherwise known as choc chip cookie cereal, which mommy usually reserves as a treat)
3. Nana takes us out to... lunch, the park, the pet store, then dinner at chuck e cheese.
4. We get to spend the night at nana and papas where we get to stay up late watching home movies of mommy as a kid.
5. Back in daddys care the next day.
6. We get to go to Target, Burger King for lunch, sports authority, ride bikes and have ice cream for dinner.

Ya, mommy is pretty sure the kids are not missing me and in fact are possibly hoping I never get better. (Except I did overhear Amazing girl ask if I really was ok and going to get better...and I have heard whining because they can't hug or kiss me :)

Mommys pros:

1. Inability to think....about anything (like housrowrk and homework and running that needs done)!
2. Reminder just how wonderful my mother is...not only does she take the kids, she also takes the dog, gives me medicine or calls and tells me its time for medicine, and I think even did a load of laundry.
3. Lost 3lbs so far, apparently with a 101.5 fever my body is just burning away the fat and my brain, hence #1.
4. Sleep...I get lots and lots of sleep. I have probably slept more in the last 2 days than in the last 2 months!
5. Time alone! Lots of time alone.
6. The ability to still win at scrabble even though my brain is frying....sorry guys :)
7. The reminder at how much everyone loves me. They love me so much that no one wants to come near me (even mr. Producer slept in a different bedroom last night) because they know how horrible I will feel if any of them gets this!
8. Feeling the joy at accomplishing the most major of tasks...just brushing my teeth!
9. And my man bringing me whatever food I want, from whereever I want! Thank you honey!

Aaah...the joys of being sick! Now if only I actually felt good enough to enjoy all of this :)

The only con that I can see aside from feeling like I am dying, because the truth is, I really do feel like I am not being able to hug, kiss, hold & cuddle with my babies or their daddy!

Ok world....If I write anymore, the germs may seep through my phone, into your computer and get you sick. So I am taking my germs and going back to you all!

Thanks to my parents, mr. Producer and my smartphone for being here for me!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Twins

I said from the time you both born that God must love me more than anyone else because he gave me twins..

I still feel that way today...4 exciting, challenging, loving, wonderful years later....

Pictures from the days when you weren't so active and I could take them!!!!

33.5 weeks pregnant

delivery day

Here we are

Even the NICU can't keep us apart

1st birthday

twin time with daddy

happy 1st birthday is great


we love chocolate cake

baby bath time

cute baby bottoms


sleeping buddies

still close


just because I love this pic

my favorite JJ face


A funchaos requirement....dancing in the rain

All 4 of my sweet babies

Thank you for 4 great years!!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!

Happy 4th birthday baby B

The initial ultrasound showed 2 babies. 1 developed at 6 days more advanced than the other. The warning given that Baby B may not continue to develop.

You fought to prove them wrong.

You grew more slowly at first, always a few days behind, watching Baby A then to see how it was done. When you decided to grow, you went from 4 days behind to an exact match.

You fought then to catch up.

Not as close to the surface of my ever growing belly, sometimes your movements went unnoticed.

You fought then to be felt.

Baby A, making her will know that she would decide when delivery day would come. She came out first, with a scream, letting the world know she had arrived.

You fought then to stay in.

Out you came, Baby B....crying loudly..., mad, that your quiet peaceful, dark, cozy world had been invaded. You weighed more and screamed louder.

You fought then to be noticed.

So busy screaming, crying, and even peeing in protest as they removed you from your comfortable confines, you wouldn't be bothered with doing things their way. Instead wanting to breath too quickly, swallowing fluid.

You fought then to forge your own way.

Impulsive even at birth, you could not know the dangers your simple actions would cause. From screaming to blue and hardly breathing within seconds.

You fought then to set your own way unaware of the risks.

12 long days of an ICU stay, 2 really bad days of not being sure you would stay with us.

You fought then to come home and be loved.

Your vitals sketchy, your restlessness having to be matched by sedation for your own good. Your twin sister placed with you and you immediately calm down.

You fought then for the time to spend with your twin.

You never cried when they poked and prodded, your only cry from being hungry or left unattended to long.

You fought then to be feed and loved.

You perfected your charm and cuteness in that ICU bed.

you fought then to stand out.

Daily worry, prayers and wonder at what you would do, how you would be, when you would come home.

You fought then to win title of "I gave mommy her gray hairs"

We brought you home. So excited, so loved, so ready to make our family complete by having all 4 of you under the same roof. Safe, now healthy and completely loved and smitten.

You only fought then very occasionally for some alone time with mommy and lots of twin time with your sister.

All the traits you displayed in the 1st 2 weeks of your little life have never changed, even today.

You are laid back, charismatic, cute, charming, snuggly, loving, funny and a fighter. You fight only for the things you want most in life. More than willing to let others lead the way, have the attention. You take silent risks, you are spontaneous and impulsive. You are fast and active. You live by the motto that it is better to apologize than ask for permission. You are and happy to accept your place in life at being the baby. You watch as others forge ahead and make mistakes and then you try with almost perfection......when you and you alone are ready!

I knew from birth Baby B that you would be content to be in the shadows of the 4 but would shine in your own way! And boy do you shine!!!!

JJ.... You are all boy, your love of cars, trucks, planes, dirt, trains, balls, busyness!!! You are content to play by yourself but if quiet for too long, well mommy better come check ;) You push the envelope and sometimes my buttons with you impulsiveness and mischievousness. Yet, you have a kind, loving, giving soul. You see the beauty and importance of every animal and person. You make me think of new ways to parent, always keeping me on my toes. Yet, you are the 1st one to cuddle, hug and kiss!

I am glad you are a fighter! I love you more than you will ever know until you become a father yourself. I will perhaps always worry about you more than the others. You may get reprimanded more than the others. You may give me more gray hairs than the others. But, that's okay, because I just may love you more than the others!!!!

I love you birthday boy. They last 4 years have been the best of my life because I have you to call my son.

Happy Valentines Day, I love you, blah blah blah.......

I am romantic.
I love chocolate.
I love flowers (not necessarily roses as they die too quickly).
I have a favorite perfume (that I am currently out of and would love some more of).
I love getting a card.
I have a great husband.


Yes, I understand it has historical significance. Yes, I understand it has its place in love and

But still..... I THINK V.D. IS HIGHLY OVER-RATED!!!!!

I think it has become a set date on the calendar, commercially mass marketed by card, chocolate, florist and jewelry companies to make people feel like they love their significant others less if they do not spend a car payments worth of money on proving that love!!!!

Really, Mr. Producer has in the past done special things on this day, and yes, I love them. But, I love a card in March on a Wednesday, left in my car to find in the hustle of getting the kids to school or left in my work/school bag for me to find in the craziness of the day, EVEN MORE!

Mr. Producer has long since learned the best way to my heart are the things that are going to last a lot longer than a day or week. 2 years ago, he gave me chickens, you can recall the love and excitement here. Last year he told me we could have our sweet puppy Bella, read here.

Yes, I want to know that Mr. Producer thinks I am the best girl in the world. That he cherishes me, that he loves me the most. Yes, I want him to dance with me in the living room, sit out by the firepit with me, a glass of wine, just talking and unwinding. Yes, I want him to give me cards and flowers and chocolate. Yes, I want to be special..........

EVERYDAY.....Not just on one specific day set aside on the calendar!!!!!

So, today will come and go with cards,I love you's, chocolate covered strawberries. But today will also include time for my little loves....making homemade cookies, cooking their favorite dinner, playing a board game together and snuggling on the couch watching TV. Today will also include doing the dishes, cooking dinner, putting away the laundry, doing the checkbook.....So, you want to romance me, come on over and pitch into some housework, NOW THAT'S MY VERSION OF ROMANCE....someone else doing the checkbook or dishes or laundry....

Sorry folks, that's as romantic as I get today.......


Monday, February 7, 2011

Jesus...where are you?

For Easter a couple years ago, the dollar store had action figures plastic figurines of  various Bible characters, Jesus being on of them. Needless to say, the Easter Bunny thought they would be the perfect additions to the kids Easter basket. I only remember that Little Momma specifically got Jesus. For a long time she would say, and we would grin, "Where's Jesus? I lost my Jesus!" Jesus went everywhere with us and even slept in bed with Little Momma. After a while, Jesus was occassionally left beyond, never forgotten but not played with as often. Anyway, Jesus has made his was into the bathroom, where the kids frequently baptise him.

Tonight (I may have forgotten to let the water out of the tub) after bathtime, Little Momma goes into the bathroom, where I have just pulled the plug on the bathtub and comes out and asks about Jesus....This is the transcript of the conversation:

LM: Mom, where's my Jesus, I don't see him in the bathtub?
Me: Becca, I am sure he is there, let's go check
Walking into the bathroom, me grinning
I start to sort through the myriad of toys in the tub.
Me: LM, I can't find Jesus.
LM: But I need him, he's losed.
Me: Sweetie, Jesus is white and there are still a lot of bubbles in the tub, I can't find him.
LM: But I have to have my Jesus
Me: Honey, we will find Jesus tomorrow
LM: I want him tonight.
Me: I can't find him tonight, I am sure he is in the tub toy holder somewhere.
LM: But you will find him tomorrow, right?
Me: Yes, honey I will find Jesus tomorrow.
LM: Promise?
Me: Yes
LM: Okay, we will both be so happy when you find Jesus tomorrow

Out of the mouth of babes!!!!!!! I love her and her love for Jesus and hope that as she grows, she continues to search for Jesus and love him, the real Jesus, as much as she loves her Jesus today!!!