Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Twins

I said from the time you both born that God must love me more than anyone else because he gave me twins..

I still feel that way today...4 exciting, challenging, loving, wonderful years later....

Pictures from the days when you weren't so active and I could take them!!!!

33.5 weeks pregnant

delivery day

Here we are

Even the NICU can't keep us apart

1st birthday

twin time with daddy

happy 1st birthday is great


we love chocolate cake

baby bath time

cute baby bottoms


sleeping buddies

still close


just because I love this pic

my favorite JJ face


A funchaos requirement....dancing in the rain

All 4 of my sweet babies

Thank you for 4 great years!!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!

1 comment:

LD BFF said...

OMG! They were & still are absolutely adorable! And girl, I know what uncomfortable is with 1 baby but TWO! Whew! You were huge!!! And beautiful!