Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sick: the pros

The last 2 days have found mommy chaos so sick in bed she barely knows her own name. Yet, laying here I have come to realize there are some pros to being sick, both from mommys viewpoint and the kids.

Here's the kids:
1. We get to do whatever we want because daddy is working, mommy is too sick to move and its too early to call nana.
2. Nana comes and gets us, as we are eating our 4th bowl of sugar (otherwise known as choc chip cookie cereal, which mommy usually reserves as a treat)
3. Nana takes us out to... lunch, the park, the pet store, then dinner at chuck e cheese.
4. We get to spend the night at nana and papas where we get to stay up late watching home movies of mommy as a kid.
5. Back in daddys care the next day.
6. We get to go to Target, Burger King for lunch, sports authority, ride bikes and have ice cream for dinner.

Ya, mommy is pretty sure the kids are not missing me and in fact are possibly hoping I never get better. (Except I did overhear Amazing girl ask if I really was ok and going to get better...and I have heard whining because they can't hug or kiss me :)

Mommys pros:

1. Inability to think....about anything (like housrowrk and homework and running that needs done)!
2. Reminder just how wonderful my mother is...not only does she take the kids, she also takes the dog, gives me medicine or calls and tells me its time for medicine, and I think even did a load of laundry.
3. Lost 3lbs so far, apparently with a 101.5 fever my body is just burning away the fat and my brain, hence #1.
4. Sleep...I get lots and lots of sleep. I have probably slept more in the last 2 days than in the last 2 months!
5. Time alone! Lots of time alone.
6. The ability to still win at scrabble even though my brain is frying....sorry guys :)
7. The reminder at how much everyone loves me. They love me so much that no one wants to come near me (even mr. Producer slept in a different bedroom last night) because they know how horrible I will feel if any of them gets this!
8. Feeling the joy at accomplishing the most major of tasks...just brushing my teeth!
9. And my man bringing me whatever food I want, from whereever I want! Thank you honey!

Aaah...the joys of being sick! Now if only I actually felt good enough to enjoy all of this :)

The only con that I can see aside from feeling like I am dying, because the truth is, I really do feel like I am not being able to hug, kiss, hold & cuddle with my babies or their daddy!

Ok world....If I write anymore, the germs may seep through my phone, into your computer and get you sick. So I am taking my germs and going back to you all!

Thanks to my parents, mr. Producer and my smartphone for being here for me!

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