Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day, I love you, blah blah blah.......

I am romantic.
I love chocolate.
I love flowers (not necessarily roses as they die too quickly).
I have a favorite perfume (that I am currently out of and would love some more of).
I love getting a card.
I have a great husband.


Yes, I understand it has historical significance. Yes, I understand it has its place in love and

But still..... I THINK V.D. IS HIGHLY OVER-RATED!!!!!

I think it has become a set date on the calendar, commercially mass marketed by card, chocolate, florist and jewelry companies to make people feel like they love their significant others less if they do not spend a car payments worth of money on proving that love!!!!

Really, Mr. Producer has in the past done special things on this day, and yes, I love them. But, I love a card in March on a Wednesday, left in my car to find in the hustle of getting the kids to school or left in my work/school bag for me to find in the craziness of the day, EVEN MORE!

Mr. Producer has long since learned the best way to my heart are the things that are going to last a lot longer than a day or week. 2 years ago, he gave me chickens, you can recall the love and excitement here. Last year he told me we could have our sweet puppy Bella, read here.

Yes, I want to know that Mr. Producer thinks I am the best girl in the world. That he cherishes me, that he loves me the most. Yes, I want him to dance with me in the living room, sit out by the firepit with me, a glass of wine, just talking and unwinding. Yes, I want him to give me cards and flowers and chocolate. Yes, I want to be special..........

EVERYDAY.....Not just on one specific day set aside on the calendar!!!!!

So, today will come and go with cards,I love you's, chocolate covered strawberries. But today will also include time for my little loves....making homemade cookies, cooking their favorite dinner, playing a board game together and snuggling on the couch watching TV. Today will also include doing the dishes, cooking dinner, putting away the laundry, doing the checkbook.....So, you want to romance me, come on over and pitch into some housework, NOW THAT'S MY VERSION OF ROMANCE....someone else doing the checkbook or dishes or laundry....

Sorry folks, that's as romantic as I get today.......


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LD BFF said...

We are sooooo in sync! I loved it!
So true! I am taking Maya for Mexican & made her milk "pink" this morning!