Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy 4th birthday baby B

The initial ultrasound showed 2 babies. 1 developed at 6 days more advanced than the other. The warning given that Baby B may not continue to develop.

You fought to prove them wrong.

You grew more slowly at first, always a few days behind, watching Baby A then to see how it was done. When you decided to grow, you went from 4 days behind to an exact match.

You fought then to catch up.

Not as close to the surface of my ever growing belly, sometimes your movements went unnoticed.

You fought then to be felt.

Baby A, making her will know that she would decide when delivery day would come. She came out first, with a scream, letting the world know she had arrived.

You fought then to stay in.

Out you came, Baby B....crying loudly..., mad, that your quiet peaceful, dark, cozy world had been invaded. You weighed more and screamed louder.

You fought then to be noticed.

So busy screaming, crying, and even peeing in protest as they removed you from your comfortable confines, you wouldn't be bothered with doing things their way. Instead wanting to breath too quickly, swallowing fluid.

You fought then to forge your own way.

Impulsive even at birth, you could not know the dangers your simple actions would cause. From screaming to blue and hardly breathing within seconds.

You fought then to set your own way unaware of the risks.

12 long days of an ICU stay, 2 really bad days of not being sure you would stay with us.

You fought then to come home and be loved.

Your vitals sketchy, your restlessness having to be matched by sedation for your own good. Your twin sister placed with you and you immediately calm down.

You fought then for the time to spend with your twin.

You never cried when they poked and prodded, your only cry from being hungry or left unattended to long.

You fought then to be feed and loved.

You perfected your charm and cuteness in that ICU bed.

you fought then to stand out.

Daily worry, prayers and wonder at what you would do, how you would be, when you would come home.

You fought then to win title of "I gave mommy her gray hairs"

We brought you home. So excited, so loved, so ready to make our family complete by having all 4 of you under the same roof. Safe, now healthy and completely loved and smitten.

You only fought then very occasionally for some alone time with mommy and lots of twin time with your sister.

All the traits you displayed in the 1st 2 weeks of your little life have never changed, even today.

You are laid back, charismatic, cute, charming, snuggly, loving, funny and a fighter. You fight only for the things you want most in life. More than willing to let others lead the way, have the attention. You take silent risks, you are spontaneous and impulsive. You are fast and active. You live by the motto that it is better to apologize than ask for permission. You are and happy to accept your place in life at being the baby. You watch as others forge ahead and make mistakes and then you try with almost perfection......when you and you alone are ready!

I knew from birth Baby B that you would be content to be in the shadows of the 4 but would shine in your own way! And boy do you shine!!!!

JJ.... You are all boy, your love of cars, trucks, planes, dirt, trains, balls, busyness!!! You are content to play by yourself but if quiet for too long, well mommy better come check ;) You push the envelope and sometimes my buttons with you impulsiveness and mischievousness. Yet, you have a kind, loving, giving soul. You see the beauty and importance of every animal and person. You make me think of new ways to parent, always keeping me on my toes. Yet, you are the 1st one to cuddle, hug and kiss!

I am glad you are a fighter! I love you more than you will ever know until you become a father yourself. I will perhaps always worry about you more than the others. You may get reprimanded more than the others. You may give me more gray hairs than the others. But, that's okay, because I just may love you more than the others!!!!

I love you birthday boy. They last 4 years have been the best of my life because I have you to call my son.

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LD BFF said...

Wonderful little guy & wonderful tribute!