Saturday, June 13, 2009

you just gotta laugh

Least you think I only blogged tonight because I had some sadder news to share, I decided to take some comments from my kids and share them with you, because, well, my kids are least to me....enjoy

I took Little Man to see Annie, the musical. During intermission we were talking about they play and he said that he was sure Mr. Starbucks was sad that Annie wanted to find her parents but that he would let her go because he loved her. No, that wasn't a typo, yep....he thinks his name was Mr. Starbucks and not Mr. Warbucks.......that is the Annie of 2009!

The baby wants to know when daddy is going to finally land his plane and come home....apparently he thinks that daddy has just gone away to fly a plane around in circles........

Little momma has taken to carrying her action figure Jesus around with her everywhere. Really, there is and we own an action figure of Jesus (there is also Mary, Noah, Moses, David, and Goliath, just in case you are curious). Just so you know, she has taken up talking with a southern accent on some words, Jesus being one of them. It is not uncommon to hear in my house a few dozen times a day "MY JESUS, I LOST (dropped) MY JESUS. I NEED MY JESUS." Yea, with the southern accent, it is funny, no matter how many times a day she says it! She is also the one that has the never ending prayers...she will be a preacher when she grows up......

As for amazing girl...she hasn't been as funny as of late, but boy is she getting more amazing with every passing day! 2 days until her birthday...look for the birthday letter post to be coming soon.

For now, they are sleeping peacefully dreaming of Mr. Starbucks, Jesus, Airplanes and Princess birthday's.....I hope your dreams are just as sweet!

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BPOTW said...

Aren't kids great?! I think they hear too much and grow up way too fast sometimes, but they still have children's hearts and that's good to know.