Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy birthday Katie

This is late in coming but I have been so busy watching the beautiful girl you are turning into that I haven't had time to write this! It is hard to believe you are 4! I am not sure where the years are going, but they are flying by. Before I know it, you will be asking me for the kerys! I have seen so much change in you from 3-4! You started school this year. While I looked forward to you going, making new friends, learning new things; I didn't anticipate missing you this much. I never took Adam to pre-k for the 1st time, daddy was home then. Boy did I cry the 1st day my big girl left! I would never hold you back from new adventures, even if I couldn't go, but man, there were days I wanted to watch you from the window (and some days I did)! You are most definitely the most like me! You are such a social girl. You love to be around, watch and interact with people. Yet, you are cautious. You are passionate about life and love. You wear your heart and emotions on your sleeve. This isn't a bad thing sweetie. When you get older you will hate that people can read you so easily, but believe me, it really is a good thing! I pray you never have anything in your life to hide! You loved school this year. You made some good friends; some will come back next year and other yoiu only havd the joy and privilige of knowing this year. You really became a "little momma" this year. You love to help and cook. You have the BEST sense of humor!! I could listen to you all day, you make up the funniest songs and saying. Even your clothing reflects your sense of humor! you can wear anything and make it look good! You and Rebecca have become very close this year! You love and fight like sisters. Sometimes I am envious of the relationship you girls have! I hope and pray constantly that you will always be close. You are close to Adam and Jason but you and Becca have a special sister relationship. you still look up to and frequently ask when you are going to be ask big as Adam! I wonder if you will always look up to him or if you will be content to be Becca's big sister? You and Jason are a lot alike; you are both very energetic, playful, silly! You two spend a good bit of time vying for our attention. I pray that as you get older you will all stay as close as you are now. You are still (and always will be I am sure) a daddy's girl! That's ok, every little girl needs her daddy! You still need me and love to snuggle with or play dolls with me. You have grown emotionally and spiritually this year too. You easily accept all the gifts the Lord has given you and while you ask about your brother in heaven and your puppy there, you are not saddened by them being there! You love life to much to be saddened by much! I hope and pray you are always that way! you are a very good girl at lostening and obeying and maintaining you individuality all at the same time! You are an awesome child Katie. It is bittersweet to watch you grow. But, since I can not stop time, I promise to enjoy watching you grow. I look forward to what this next yearbrings in your life! I am proud to be your mommy and I thank God DAILY for picking me to be the earthly mother He chose for you! I love you BEAN!!! Happy 4!

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