Saturday, August 22, 2009

A little humor...

What do you get when you mix 4 kids, 2 colds, 1 van, 5 suitcases, lots of food, blankets, pillows, 2 parents and thousands of miles??? Bravery marries insanity and they do NOT give birth to patience, I promise! At 7, 4, 2 and 2, the kids are actually doing great with being strapped into the car for hours on end! As we drive through the hills of KY I am reminded again of how blessed I am in life! Isn't it funny how sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone, put ourselves into crazy positions to see the beauty in our lives? I have a husband who is beyond compare! He makes me laugh, smile, cry. He is my best friend, lover. We are blessed he has an awesome job that he loves and that allow us to travel. We have 4 patient, funny, cute, smart children. They all have their own personalities, each one as cute and funny as the other, yet they are all such a great mixture of the 2 of us! We have the best friends and acquaintances in the world. Together and separate, they are people we can turn to for laughs, fun, help or an ear when and if we need to. There isn't one that doesn't bring something into our lives. Thankfully, I have a Lord who has provided all of this and more, for me, just for me! Like anyone in life, I could find many things to complain about, things I wish I could change, things I want. But, there is so much more to be thankful and happy for! So, while bravery and insanity may never produce patience, they have produced thankfulness, fun and great memories!

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