Sunday, December 6, 2009

Katie's candy

Tonight Mr. Producer, amazing girl, little man and I went and volunteered with my church at a dinner and Christmas gift giving party for displaced families. This is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for me. Often, I am not ready to embrace Christmas, I simply go through the motions, before this blessed event occurs. Every year I leave humbled and thankful for the chance to be able to serve and love others. I am even more thankful that I get to pass this on to my children.

So, tonight, feeling all warm and fuzzy from hearts full of selflessness, we come home to open the advent calendar. With 4 kids, it is up to the discretion of the parent (usually based on their behavior that day) who gets to open the calendar and subsequently eat the chocolate candy inside. Tonight, Mr. Producer told all the kids that they got to pick who did this coveted job. Fully expecting Adam and Katie, with hearts full of love and God's grace to say "let so-and-so have it", I could only roll my eyes heavenward with a prayer and I say when they began to fight over it. Of course, doing anything Katie does, Becca immediately began to join in. When daddy asked Jason who should have it, he said.... Becca....

Can you guess who got the candy?

So, later when the tears (yes, tears over a piece of candy) died down and the older 2 were ready to talk, I used the candy as an opportunity to talk with the kids about being selfless, loving, and kind. We talked about the difference between being kind and being nice. We discussed listening to God instead of listening to satan. We discussed the reason we celebrate Christmas.

(which for the record goes a little something like this. The kids know that Jesus was born for us. They know he was born to save us. As for Christmas, we talk about what gifts we can give Jesus, our hearts, belief and love (katie also includes toys and chocolates, I'm pretty sure Jesus is a fan of chocolate :). Then we talk about how everyone gets presents on their birthday but that Jesus doesn't need presents, so he has santa bring presents (and chocolate if your katie) to all the good kids) theology lesson over

The children are intently listening. They are agreeing, nodding their heads when appropriate. They are answering my question, they are talking about God's love, they are saying how great it felt to give to others.

I wrap all this up with asking what they can do tomorrow to be able to open the calendar and eat the chocolate.... and with all the seriousness of a 4 year old, with all the love of the Lord inside her, Katie so earnestly responds........

Wait and do the calendar when all my brothers and sister are in bed.........

I love you Katie!

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Melanie said...

LOVE this!
Katie's sincerity & honesty & thought process totally impresses me! A girl after my own heart!