Monday, November 30, 2009

Me, defined

For those who are real close, you know lately has been a time of ugh in our house. We have had late nights trying to figure out what is right for our family. We have had temper tantrums, by both kids and adults. We have had periods of self discovery. We have made mistakes. Some of us have even done things that have shocked some of you. To say that our house has had trying times lately has been an understatement. Yet, I wouldn't trade the last few months for anything in the world. The last few months have taught me about, me.

You live with yourself, your thoughts...emotions...feelings for so long that I think most of us just go with the flow of who we are.

Until we have a that shakes us. Until you have a it-won't-happen-to-me-event.

Now, most of you thought that moment for me was Andrew. At the time, I am sure it was. However, this year has brought a couple of those events for me personally.

I have had many moments this year where I have done things I swore I never would. I have had relationships tested. Beliefs challenged. Ideal's changed. Growth occuring.

I started out this year so sure of who I was... a wife... a mother... a child of God... a friend... a daughter... grand daughter, sister, cousin, niece, aunt.

But, somewhere along the way this year, it felt like I was all those things and nothing!

Somewhere along the way, I began to feel like I had lost me. I became so busy doing for everybody else, that I did nothing for me. So lost in the routine of life, I began to operate on auto pilot. The jobs, demands of the day still getting done, but the heart and soul behind them was quiet.

I still loved my kids, family deeply. I still gave hugs & kisses as needed, when asked, without reason. I still helped, gladly, willingly anyone that needed it. But, there was a piece of me missing. My husband will vouch. So will some friends.

There was a part of me that was shorter fused. Easier to aggravate. Quicker to yell. (by the way, this is contagious and not good, lol :)

It felt like the more demands that were placed on me, the more I wanted to back away. The more questions asked, the more silent I wanted to be. The more people wanted me to go back to being me, the more I couldn't... at least on the inside.

Now some of you are wondering who in there right mind would publish this for the world to see. You are questioning my motives, my reason... no doubt, maybe rightly so!

Consider this my public apology. For those of you who were use to me making the 1st step, phone call...I am sorry that I have stopped doing that. For those of you who were use to occupying all my time when not with my family, it may feel I have deserted you. I am sorry. And I haven't.

These past few months have brought about some very new friends and some re-aquainting with some very beloved old friends. I couldn't be happier!

Now, on to the real sappy part (bleh, lol)-------- I love each and everyone of you. Family, friends!

I am checking back into my life. My heart and soul has finished its break.

However, if you are expecting your phone to start ringing daily, it probably won't. If you are expecting me to want to be with you all the time, I won't.

I regret nothing I have done lately. I have learned a lot about myself in the last few months. I have learned who I am...

I am still a wife... mother... daughter... friend... child of God... all those other things. I still relish some roles more than others.

But, I have learned I am so much more than the titles placed upon me.

I am strong. I am the girl who can be found listening to either country, christian, or pop music depending on the moment. I love to exercise. I have come to depend on making that a part of my day. I love to shop. I love to cook. I love to hang out with my friends. I love to be alone. I love to go out on a Saturday night and dance. I love to go to church on Sunday morning. I hate to do laundry but I realize it is in its own way a declaration of my love. I love my chickens, cat and yes, hamster. I long for a dog. I love my tattoo, if you aren't sure why then you haven't read this post. I love my nose piercing, no not because it makes me different, but because I think it is cute, fun, spunky, my husband loves it and you only live once. I love God! Not because it is the cool thing to do, but because He is the only one who loves me and accepts me totally. I am a huge fan of dressing up, kissing, my cool kids, cuddling, talking. I love my husband, are so far from perfect, but we are perfect for each other. I am going to quit trying so hard, giving...planning...doing so much. I am going to let others have some control... some initiation... some say so! (for the record, this will be a work in progress, lol) I am finding that I think the human mind is way cool; the reasons we do things, consciously and subconsciously is very fascinating. I am the girl who misses teaching but is not ready to leave my kids to go back. I am the girl who wants to write a novel. I am the girl who is not creative but has a great imagination. I have always said that I do not need anyone in my life but want everyone that is in it, in whatever capacity they are in it --- I am that girl!

So, while there are some physical and behavioral changes that may have occurred in the last few months, I am still the same girl I use to be, only slightly more sure of myself, my believes, my love, my life!

Welcome to my world.......

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Anonymous said...

Farmer Girl. Keep looking within to see the great gifts God has given you. Take care of your soul and your body. Never stop growing! Your favorite Uncle