Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam

Where to start little man?

You aren't so little anymore. It seems daily, hourly you are growing and changing.There are so many dreams and hopes I have for you as you grow. Some are the same prayers echoed by parents the world over. I pray you stay healthy, happy. I pray you stay innocent, loving.
This year has brought many changes, some rough times and some wonderful memories.I loved all the time we spent together going to Indiana, Georgia, Jacksonville, Disney World. This year seems to have been the year of traveling. With every new destination, it seemed another side of you developed. Jacksonville and Indiana found you working with daddy. Being his ever present shadow and helper. While Georgia and Disney World reminded you, us that you really are still a kid.
I know that there is a lot asked of you, the oldest of the group. Sometimes fairly, other times, not so much. I want you to know doodlebug, that I try hard to not ask you to raise your brother & sisters. I make a conscience effort to only enlist your help when it is an absolute necessity.
I know that right now, you are not old enough to appreciate the request for help means so much more than asking you to tie your brothers shoes. Someday, you will realize that simple requests for help carry with them my trust in you... my appreciation for the young man you are... my confidence in your ability to complete a task without supervision... my desire to strengthen your fatherly, compassionate side... my need to make sure you have the strongest bond possible with your siblings... my love for you in allowing you to be my shadow...helper...friend.
Buddy, I joke that you are just like me. The truth is, you are the most mixed of your daddy and I. You have my knack for perfection and his seriousness. You have my love for God and his love for science. You have my love of farming, growing and his love of making things. You have my love of the computer, music, writing and his love of goofiness, relaxing, fishing.I have no crystal ball as to what the future holds for you. I do not know where we will live in 10 years. Whether you will join the service, go to college, learn a trade. It remains to be seen whether you will ever marry, have kids, be wealthy.
I can only be certain you future holds a few key things. I promise to continue to instill in you a love for God, first and foremost. I promise to continue to always love you, unconditionally. I promise to seek your forgiveness when I have done something wrong. I promise to continue to teach you...right from wrong...good from to grow a to say i love to cook...I promise to always support you in life's decisions. I promise to always be 8...18...38...I am always here! I promise to always love, accept, cherish and be thankful for you!Happy belated birthday little man....I love you!!!!

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