Monday, November 2, 2009

It means...

When I say I hate doing means I have lots of little bodies to dress.

When I say I have to load, unload the means I have 4 wonderful little people to care for.

When I moan about going to the grocery means I am delighted to have a family to cook for.

When I gripe about cooking dinner means I have food.

When I whine about the means I am alive.

When I cry about a car means I am blessed enough to be able to see to drive.

When I complain about the means I am thankful I can hear.

When I bitch about Mr. means I am lucky in love.

When I go to bed late and I am means I had time to blog.

When I make time for means that I need to regroup for them.

When I am happy, mad, sad, means I care enough to feel.

When I look at my wonderful friends and means I am loved.....

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