Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Many of my friends, including my single mom friends, have stated on numerous occasions that they honestly don't know how I do it. This statement usually follows a conversation about Mr. Producers job and the hours involved or something not so pleasant the kids have done...

My standard response is that I just do... That I have no choice... That the Lord doesn't give you more than you can handle!

A couple friends have even said that I am more machine that human. This has never been said as a derogatory statement, but rather to indicate that I am seemingly tireless. That I can and usually do, do everything. That I rarely let things get to me.

I have even had 1 or 2 friends tell me that I could be a single mom. That Mr. Producers hours and traveling are long enough, that there are times where I am. I have been known to agree with this statement more than once.

Well, let me set the record straight tonight.... I AM HUMAN!!!!

The extended weekends that Mr. Producer is out of town, I lovingly refer to as flying solo. I usually look forward to my own time with the kids. The chance to keep the TV off in the evening, to go to bed when I want to, to eat the foods/meals he doesn't like. In fact, when he is home for extended periods of time, we have both been known to look at each other and jokingly ask when he is leaving again.

When Mr. Producer is in town, it is not uncommon for us to talk via text or phone a dozen or so times a day! Of course, we have the evenings or nights together too. Whether we are talking or watching TV or doing our own separate thing, we are still together, in the same house, neighborhood, city, state, country. When he is out of town, even across the country, we still talk via text or phone calls, extensively. There are times where we are on the phone for an hour or more at night, sometimes talking, other times just watching a TV show together.

When we found out he would be traveling out of the country we immediately inquired of our cell phone carrier if his phone would work overseas, how much it would cost per minute to talk, how much texts were. With our new found knowledge and his new global rental phone, we thought we were prepared for his departure. We decided ahead of time that due to prices we would only talk via text and that 1 day midweek he would call and we would all be able to say hi and hear each others voices.

I thought I was okay with this. I thought I would relish a whole week alone. I had dinner menu's planned, food I knew he would never eat. I have a couple girls nights planned. I couldn't wait to NOT listen to the blasted TV nightly.

That is, until the text came in today (via a coworker) that his phone was not working... AT ALL!!!!!

In that instance I became aware of exactly how I "do it". That 1 little text, so full of a weeks worth of silence, I realized what I have that a single mom doesn't. In those 3 lines, I knew how lucky I was.

I "do it" because I have the love of my best friend. I have a man who for better or worse, loves me. He is there for me. He knows me, in ways that no one else does. He shares my memories. He loves our children. Even when he is out of town, we still talk, he is still there. Even when we are mad at each other and choosing not to talk, we are still there for each other. I know that at any moment I can call him. I know that even if I am being annoying and bothersome, it's okay. I know that if there is an emergency, a car accident, a trip to the ER, a sad sorry to tell about school, he is there!

When in the flash of an eye I thought he wouldn't be there....I knew then, maybe more so than I realized in a long time (because we can all admit to times of taking each other for granted) how much I loved my Mr. Producer. How much I depend on him to be my sounding board. To listen when I need to vent. To hug me when I need to cry. To make me laugh when I am overwhelmed. To call me on it when I am being crazy. To set me straight when I am worrying or being overbearing. To just read the text that says I love you for no reason at all.

I do it all with God's help, I will give my Lord that credit. I do it because I ask God for and he grants me daily, patience... understanding... love... stamina... energy... strength

I also do it because He gave me a best friend... He gave me another person to share it all with... He gave me someone who even though he may not always be here in flesh, he is always here!!!!

I "do it" because I am a very lucky girl......

p.s. Mr. Producer did get his phone fixed. We won't text much or talk often because of the cost, but at least I know he is there :)


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