Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One life to love

What a poignant song. This couldn't speak any louder in volume to the life Mr. Producer and I are currently living.

When you travel for a living as Mr. Producer does, before you know it there are hours, days, weeks that you have missed from life. Time spent on an airplane, overseas, on location, waiting for a shoot. Those minutes and hours are the nemesis to family time.

In the moments when the noise, the crying, bickering, whining get to be too much; when the sound of "MOMMY" gets deafening, when kissing the boo-boo's gets overwhelming, I would be lying if I said that I don't entertain the thought of fleeing to a hotel room!

There are times when I envy Mr. Producer the chance at a quiet meal. An uninterrupted shower. An opportunity to sit in a silent hotel room and! There are times I want to feel young again! That is not to say that I feel old necessarily, but rather, very very responsible. I suppose that comes with the territory of having 4 kids!

Sometimes, in the day to day life of raising kids, playing taxi, helping with homework, cooking dinners, etc. we can overlook...forget...lose sight of just how blessed we actually are. Sometimes, in the day to day life of driving to work, traveling, working, answering to someone else, we can look past...assume...take for granted...the blessings we are given.

Sometimes, you hear a song, read a poem, see a bible verse, stumble across a saying that takes your breath away.

You only get just one chance chance to find out the one thing that you don't want to life to love....

We all have days where we think we are invincible, not pausing to respect that we won't live forever. We all have moments we could take back, times we missed, chances we want to do again. We all have days where the life we have is easy to forget that it is a life we should love!

Knowing that everyone the world over has these same days is usually of little consolation. Instead they usually make me feel worse. Mostly I would like for everyone to be constantly happy, in love, joyful for what they have.

I am a realist enough to know that this is not possible. I know there are good days and bad. Happy moments and sad. Joy and frustration...

It is impossible to spend every moment with the ones you love. There is always work to be done, school to attend, practices to go to, errands that need ran.

What matters most in this once chance around is that you do spend your one life to love! The moments you are together. The moments you have to Enjoy your one ride, your one try, one life to love...

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