Monday, November 16, 2009

Here's what Mr. Producer is missing

Yes, I did keep a running tally for the day... Well, because I am just neurotic like that, lol! There is still an hour before the kids go to bed, so anything can happen....

Diaper changes: 2
Boo-boo's: 4
Potty Accidents:3
Spills: 6
Spankings: 3
2yr old trips to potty: 18
Temper tantrums: 14
Hugs: 13
Kisses: 20
Loads of laundry: 2
Dora/Diego/Calliou episodes watched: 5
Floor swept: 2
Dishes washed: 3
Corn dogs eaten: 4
Garbage bag breaking: 1
***I interrupt this blog to go administer 2 more spankings and 1 more kiss***
Times I've heard "my tummies hurt": 15
Drinks poured: 21
Trips to the bank: 1
Trip to dance: 1
Puzzles done: 8
Work-out: 1
"bad" words discussed:1
Baths given: 3
Hearing "I want daddy".........I lost count!
You have also missed a phone call to my mom to hear that she has the swine flu and my dad now has pneumonia!
After the kids go to bed, you will miss me doing the checkbook, paying the bills, making a grocery list, working on coupons.

Wow: I am exhausted just from writing it all :) Come home soon!!!
We love you and miss you honey!!!!

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