Sunday, November 15, 2009

Confidential to Mr. Producer

Rarely am I melancholy when I watch you pack to leave. Seldom am I sad, lonely. Occasionally, I even look forward to your trips. That may sound harsh and uncaring to some, but for our schedule, the frequency of your trips, this is a fact of our lives.

Tonight as I watch you, I am struck by how much I love you! You are making a list of last minute items to pack, folding laundry, picking out your clothes, dusting off your sport coat, snuggling with the kids, and I am amazed at how lucky we are!

I don't know if it is where you are going, the length of how long you will be gone, the time of year you are going or the lack of communication we will have but I miss you already! I am sad that you are going and can't wait for you to come home!

I know that things have been, crazy...different around here for us the last little while. I know that I wouldn't hold you back from this or any other opportunity that life hands you. I know that I only want you to be happy in life! And while I dont' know what the future holds, what exotic locales you will visit, what opportunities will come your way, what more blessings life will give us... I do know with total certainty that I LOVE YOU!!!!

Please stay safe, know that you are missed, enjoy every moment of this trip, this chance, take lots of pictures, remember every detail and come home soon.....

We love you forever.......

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