Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am a firm believer in the fact that some things in life can not be taught!

There was an article in the paper last week that talked about what makes a great teacher. This article quotes "States must try to identify great teachers, figure out how they got that way and then create more of them".

Really... Really?


Why do we as a people think that we can analyze anything for its greatness and replicate that? What an incredibly arrogant thought.

Greatness is anything is not something that can be measured, observed, taught.

Greatness is a gift, something innate to you.

Greatness can be in many different area's. Whether you are great at your job, hobby, relationships or many area's, your area of greatness can be the same as other people you know, but it is still unique to you!

For example, Mr. Producer works with some incredibly gifted people in the area of running a camera, seeing a vision, getting a shot. 2 of the best people I know he works with have absolutely no formal training, no degree. However, he also works with people that have 2 degrees in that field and they are, well, not great!

I know some people that are great parents, even though they may have become a parent very young. Yet, we have other friends that well, are not great parents.

You can pick a profession, any profession, whether it is one that requires a degree or not and identify people that are great at it! They do not do their job for the money, for the recognition. They do their job, whether it is being a teacher, tv producer, car salesman, police officer, nurse, bank teller, parent because they like it.

Great teachers, like great anything else, can not be made.

People can be taught new things, they can be shown new improved ways, they can be encouraged, guided, helped. BUT, being great at something is ingrained in the very fiber of your soul, it is not something you can learn!

Anybody agree/disagree.... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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