Saturday, June 26, 2010

My sweet children

I laid beside you today and watched you as you slept. Normally enjoying the quiet of bedtime, today I missed you, the noise...laughter...smiles...i love you's.

You are growing up so quickly, yet you will always be my babies.

Your hands still small, yet you feel as though they can take on the world without me.
My role as your mother seems ever changing. I am referee, protector, guider, helper, boo boo kisser, band aid administer, tutor, teacher, explorer, fellow dreamer, fort maker, cook, spiritual adviser, social planner. Yet, I am always giver of love.

I pray that each of you know that every decision I make, every rule I enforce, every spanking I give, every time we do something fun...silly,every hug and kiss...I do because I love you!

You are all my world. Before and after each one of you I thought my world was complete.

Thankfully God knew that without each and every one of you my life was far from complete!There is nothing in this world that I would ever trade for you!

I am sorry that I am sometimes not as attentive as you want...need me to be.

I am sorry that sometimes I am selfish and want you to go to bed...sleep, earlier...faster.

I am sorry for the times that I have taken for granted with you. Moments when I was with you but not really there.

I am sorry I don't listen more. I am sorry that I correct and discipline sometimes too harshly.

I am sorry that I don't play more.

I am sorry for times I have chosen to nap or go out instead of playing with you.

There are a million reasons why I can apologize to you 4! Daily it seems I add to that list.

I can only say I am sorry!

You are all wonderful children who daily strive to make me want to be a better person and parent!

I love looking at the world through your eyes! I love your trusting insticts, your faith, your love, your thirst for life and learning!

May each and every one of you always know Gods love like you do today! May you always be filled with His grace. His ability to forgive. May you never question His love for you, instead always rely on the knowledge that He only wants what is best for you!

Life is not easy, but with God as your foundation, with the unconditional love and support from me, with the bond and love of each other; life will always be worth it!

I don't know what the future holds for each of you, but I certainly know that my love will always be a constant. I know that regardless of where you go and what you do in life, I am proud to be your mommy. I know that each of you have similiar traits, you are all giving, loving, caring, funny, kind people and that your differences make you unique and the wonderful persons you are!
You 4 are the best kids in the world and I know I don't often tell you but man, you make life fun and wonderful!


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melanie said...

I am in tears T! Beautiful, poignant, so very true.