Monday, July 12, 2010

Future photogs part duex

Oh my.... I am not even sure I can caption these to add to the humor.... Katie got her very own digital camera for her birthday... HAHAHA! Watch out world..... No one (or nothing) is safe from her lens, whether it is in her hands or that of her brother or sister!

Altoid anyone?
So busted playing in mommy's purse
open wide and say aaaaah
I think maybe the peanut butter made her mad?
We definitely need to work on focusing
On second thought.....
This is what happens when your photog is shorter than you
Oh please, not today... I haven't had a bath
Its all in the lighting

I'm not telling.... you HAVE to guess what this is.........

Always willing to pose and smile :)
Double rainbow
Either future photog or make-up artist.... or both :)

Nothing or no one is exempt.......

Yep, me drinking coffee in the car... glad its not a close-up since there's a good chance I was still in my PJ's :)
Are we flying or driving
Sweet Marie and Bella
My mothers day gift
Yep, even webkinz jr..

Hahaha... you had to know fb would be included
The rain
and Colin

Lastly... my favorites.....Self Portraits

Happy birthday future photog..... I sure love you!

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Teri said...

I love, love, LOVE the photos. She is amazing!