Sunday, July 25, 2010


I remember my mom telling me once that 35 was one of the hardest years of a woman's life. And as usual, she was right :)

While I may not yet be 35, this has been the 35th year of my life.

There has been much self discovery this year. While I am a far cry from being the person I want to be, I have come to learn some truths this year.

I am still learning to admit my faults and say I am sorry more easily and quickly.

BUT....I have learned...

*You never stop discovering or learning about yourself.
*Being passive can be a good thing, but you also have to stick up for yourself, regardless of the consequences.
*Friendship is hard sometimes but well worth the work.
*Marriage may be harder than friendships, but it is even more worth it.
*Usually the simplest expressions of love are the ones that mean the most.
*I get a little more neurotic as I get older but a lot less judgmental.
*You can't always choose who you love, but you can always choose to love.
*We all do things we swore we never would and we can choose to quit doing things we are if we work hard enough at it.
*People will and do change and that those changes individually may not be for the best but when combined with the rest of what makes a person, they can and should be embraces.
*Not everyone will like and accept you the way you are, even people that once did.
* is challenging but the beauty and joy found within it truly do outweigh the challenge.
*True friends don't judge you even when they want to but instead are always there for you.
*I still need my parents as much as I did when I was a kid, but for entirely different reasons.
*Doing things for one's self does not make them a selfish person, but strengthens their character and the roles they are in in their life.

Perhaps though the biggest lessons I have learned is compassion, understanding and acceptance.

There are many miles I have left to walk in this world, God willing. There are many adversities and blessings I have yet to face. But it is my job as a person, child of God, wife, parent and friend to have compassion, understanding and acceptance for people whose situations (whatever they may be) are different than my own.

May the next 35 years bring me as much joy, lessons to learn and as many blessings as the last 35!

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