Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby A...a teenage 4 year old

Happy Birthday Baby A.

Hard to imagine that you are already or is it only 4?

The first to grow and develop, to secure yourself a spot within the dark cave of my belly. The first to let us know what your gender was. The one ultimately in charge of when you would be born.

Right from the start you have always taken charge. You are not one to sit back and wait to see what happens....hmmm, I haven't figured out yet where you get that from ;) 

You are in such a hurry to grow up, often saying you will be 5, 8 or even 11 on your next birthday! You have the innocence of a 4 year old and often the attitude of a 14 year old!

Oh Baby make me laugh so much. You are so fun. You make parenting easy and enjoyable. You have such a warm, maternal heart. You are empathetic, compassionate, giving, loving, intuitive and caring, yet stubborn and bossy when you want or need to be. You are cautious and shy, yet when you let someone in, it is usually for life. You are typically drawn more towards adults or older children than you are kids your own age. Yet, you know your twin completes you. You are usually the 1st one with a big hug, kiss and I love you, just because you want or feel the other person needs it. You are definitely a leader not a follower and often have a hard time adjusting when things don't go exactly your way, yet you are eager to please people and get saddened when you make someone mad or disappointed with you.

Yep, you are definitely the one most like me!

Even your very name means servant of God! That is so true for you. You have such a serving heart, you are most happy when you are doing for others. You are strong and independent, yet you enjoy being loved and wanted, cuddled and kissed.

Your laugh is so infectious and you come up with the most amazing sayings! You love to giggle and smile. You are happiest playing the Wii, the computer, riding your bike, reading a book or just talking!

This past year of your life, you have really asserted your independence and strength and sometimes you get very frustrated when you need help with things.

Oh sweet baby girl, all of these traits will serve you so well later in life. You will be an amazing woman, mother, wife and friend! You are already an amazing daughter, the perfect sister.

You have the best relationships with all your siblings. You embrace and need your twin time with Jason, you cherish your girl time with Katie and you adore your big brother time with Adam.

Little Momma.....slow down! Enjoy this year of being 4. It will only happen once. You are growing and maturing everyday, convinced if you try hard enough, you can will yourself to be as big as Katie. SLOW DOWN! You are perfect, beautiful, wonderful just the way you are.....4 years old and all!!!

I so look forward to what this year brings for you. Academically, you are going to excel. You already know your numbers, letters, shapes, how to write your name and you are even learning sight words. Socially, I enjoy watching you trust and accept other people more every day. Emotionally, I hope you accept and embrace being a 4 year old. There is so many fun things for you to do at this age! I know this year will bring you closer to God, you are so eager to learn about everything, including Him and His love for you!

Thank you Becca for being sweet wonderful you, even with your impatience about your age, you are one of the best 4 people to have ever been blessed with!! I am not sure I ever did anything good enough in the Lord's eyes to deserve you, but I go to bed nightly and thank Him for giving me you!!!!

I love you my sweet bear bear!!!! Happy birthday darling!!!!!

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