Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mommy (as originally posted on my myspace)

Mommy. Isn't it amazing how 1 word can illicit so many emotions? When you are having a great day it makes you smile. When mixed with tears or screamed in pain it can bring fear. When said with a laugh or a giggle, it can be the most sweetest sound ever. When spoken in the middle of the night it makes you sit straight up in bed. When said angrily it can break your heart. When spoken from a toddler with messy hands and face it brings laughter. When said over and over and over on a crazy bad day it can make you crazy. When barely whispered as your baby drifts to sleep it brings tenderness and soothing. When heard for the 10k time that day it can make you want to change your name. It always brings feelings of and meaning to unconditional, never ending, sweet, true love!!!
A, K, B and J -
I love you forever and thank God daily for you!!!!

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