Monday, June 2, 2008

Doritos, DH, growing up

There are so many times during the day that I hear or think something and want to blog on it, but of course, there are hugs to be given and lunches to be made. So, now that I have the time, there are so many things I want to say and don't now where to start. I could blog about how much I am going to miss my husband and how he is a totally wonderful husband; but everyone knows I am the happiest married of all my friends:-) I could blog about how fat I am feeling and how I HAVE to do something for me to get where I am happy and comfortable weight wise; but that would just require me to get into personal stats and promises that I am going to start keeping tomorrow. I could blog about how blessed I am, because there is no way you have 4 GREAT kids, a WONDERFUL husband and the BEST parents around and not say you are blessed; but I do not think there are words to describe enough the blessings that are showered on me and why make everyone jealous :-) I guess tonight's blogging pleasure will you bring you the tale of a little girl who still isn't sure what she wants to be when she grows up but has 38K in student loans that say what she should be. I am a teacher, I have a bachelors degree, teaching certificate, 2 nominations for teacher of the year something and really did teach or assistant teach for 13 years and loved it. It wasn't until I was no longer teaching that there are many other things I want to do when the kids all go to school and teaching is lower on the list. Ok, the list of things I wanna do include but are not limited to being a Pilates teacher (oh wait that may be a problem since we have already established that being fit is not what is going on in my life right now), Professional organizer (really is there anything better than being able to tell other people to get rid of all their crap and spending their money to put the crap they absolutely have to have somewhere;-) Volunteering at the aquarium working with dolphins (yeah it would be fun to be in a bathing suit and still be the smallest thing in the pool;-) Taking pictures (yes, I can take pictures of things other than my kids, I just usually don't want to) Professional blogger (not really getting there very quickly with only 4 posts under my belt) last but not least being a teacher (wait wasn't I just bitching about doing that?) HHMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... what is a 32 year old girl to do when she sends all the kids to school, in 4 years, and finally grows up?

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