Friday, June 6, 2008

Wow, I have a real kid!

Day 3 of summer vacation for my has been Kindergarten turning first grader. Wow!!!! How did that happen, I have been right here the whole time this child has been growing and I am amazed that he is so grown-up. Let me first state that I am over the top excited and happy to have my little man home with me. Furthermore, we have had so much fun these last 3 days that I hope the next 74 go VERY slow. We have only managed to go to the park and have a sleep-over so far this summer, but we have gotten the house totally organized and we managed to have a blast in the process. Everyone if ecstatic that Adam is home. Katie has her best friend, the twins have their fun big brother and I have my sweet little man to entertain me with his wonderful 6.5 year old humor. Life really couldn't be better, ok, maybe it would have been nicer if Jason hadn't pooped on the carpet floor between bath and getting dressed. No, it doesn't get better than this, ok, maybe calmer if Katie hadn't just hit her head and needs ice. Nope,definitely not better. Crap, maybe cleaner if the kids hadn't just ripped the couch cushion. Totally, no way better, damn, maybe more loving if Becca hadn't just bit Jason for the 3rd time today. This is heaven. Total heaven. Not sure if there is this much chaos in heaven, but if there isn't, don't worry we'll bring it!!! This is definitely the best time of my life. I will take the tattle-taling, fighting, biting, bruising, riping, pooping, ice needing, screaming, crying, I need a drink for the 10th time because I don't wanna nap or sleep ever crazy insanity that is my life. Thank you kids for keeping me on my toes, for giving me gray hairs and making me crazy. You guys are the best group of people out there. you make my days worth getting up for (even the very very rarely hung over one's:-). You are 4 of the 5 people I most enjoy spending time with. You are worth every second of no sleep, no social life, no fine things, no uninterrupted bathroom breaks, no quiet dinners, no peaceful cups of coffee and no morning snuggle time with daddy! I love all of you, the little kids, the big kid and the real kid!!!!
p.s. yes, I am proud that you can fart under your arm, burp your abc's, and still need me to wipe your butt and kiss your boo-boos (but don't worry I won't tell anyone the last two;-)

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