Sunday, June 8, 2008

To do lists

I usually make a to do list of the things that I need to accomplish that day, be it phone calls, errands, chores or even fun things such as blogging or showering. Rarely does a day go by that I do NOT accomplish everything on my list. Occasionally I make my lists things that I want to accomplish over the course of days, weeks or other specified time frames. Tonight Jim and I were talking about quotes that we like and how we are going to start writing them down on a small dry erase board. I LOVE this idea. I feel this will make us "live" it out rather than say we are going to do or think something when you see it and read it then you (or at least I am) usually much more apt to do it. Along this same lines I realized that there are days that go by that I do not accomplish something that I wanted to do with the kids, either individual or as a group. Then I got to thinking that I make these great lists everyday and yet the most important things in my life are NEVER on it. I guess I always figured that I could see them (the kids) I didn't need a list to remind me to spend time with them, that is just something I do like brushing my teeth. But, I am realizing that with 4 of them, 1 of me and a million chores that must get done during the day, maybe I need to add them to my list. Now I am not saying I will write down, give Katie a hug and kiss when she falls or change Jason's diaper or give Rebecca her medicine (although there are times I could use some gentle reminders about some of these:-) but maybe write down read Junie B. Jones to Adam or color a picture with Katie or play little people with Jason or blow bubbles with only Rebecca. Maybe I need to write down one quality time item each day to do with each kid as part of my daily to do list and this way it will definitely get done. So our phrase for tomorrow is a quote from John and Kate plus 8 "Parent with love, not with anger" and tomorrow I will read that book to Adam, color with Katie, play bubbles with Becca and lastly play little people with Jason! Yea, it may be hard to make sure I get it all done between swimming lessons, nap time, reminding Jim about vacation dates, cooking dinner and vacuuming, but I always finish my daily lists, or at least the most important things, and that they are.

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