Sunday, November 16, 2008

The boy and his bike

My little man has had a couple of REALLY big days. Without daddy home to share in the joy, you guys are it.

Friday - Report card day - ALL Excellent's and Very Good's AND perfect attendance! WooHoo, Great Job Adam! Reward - sleeping in mommy's bed. (A daddy's away favorite of older two)

Saturday morning - basketball. Pass to shortest kid on team(my little man), caught, basketball thrown to hoop, score! Never has there been a more proud mother!!!!

Saturday afternoon - bike - mommy finds a bike on craigslist - FINALLY - it is still available, it is in great condition - it is only $20 and he buys it with his own money and has $13 left (Dave would be proud)!

Saturday evening - more bike - no training wheels, rides 25 feet-ish SOLO! No hands!
(yes, I know the helmet is on backwards, he put it back on for mom's picture, he wasn't riding that way

Yep, Mr. I-Don't-Want-To-Wait-For-Santa-To-Bring-It-Or-Daddy-To-Teach-Me, (don't really know where he gets impatientness from;) I'm-Too-Big-For_Training-Wheels bought himself a bike AND rode it without falling all in the same day (couldn't tale a picture of that on account of I was running next to him and trying to keep 3 littles out of street and all).

Daddy, he is getting bigger every second this trip, you better come home QUICK!

This VERY PROUD mommy is going to bed now. Night all.

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momof4sweetsisters said...

I'm always so excited that away go the trainers..........but my heart still aches that they are growing to fast! Super job on the report card!