Thursday, November 27, 2008

It is just food after all......

Perhaps my absence has clued you in to the ongoings in our home, or maybe not. That too is ok. I really don't mind that nobody missed me. No one sent out an email or a massive search party to knock on all the doors in my area looking for funchaos.

Really, it is ok. Believe me, I have been shown more LOVE this week than every before.

This week above all others, I tip my hat to mothers with more children than I and I envy (maybe too strong a word) mothers with less.

This week above all others I am thankful for Mr. Producer.

Being that today is Thansgiving, I could share all about how wonderful our meal was, how nice it was to spend time with family, I could post about all the things I am thankful for, including shelter, clothing, friends, etc or I could keep it real and give you the truth. Below I will shoot straight from the heart, err, hip, err, stomach about all the things I am most grateful for and some that I could do without.

Are you ready?

Weak stomach's beware!

I am thankful for my washing machine and dryer. Seriously, if you did as many loads of laundry as I have this week, you too would realize how taken for granted this always giving machine is.

I am thankful for indoor plumbing. You have never failed me yet in times of need. I hold you in the highest regard, you are my BFF (as A would say).

I am thankful for Bleach and Lysol. 2 of my dearest friends in the world, I could not brave life without you by my side.

I am thankful for toast and tea. I owe tremendous gratitude to whomever discovered both and for the record, if we ever run out of tea, I am gonna haunt some bostonians.

I am thankful for plastic buckets and towels. Really, there are many things I could live without in this world, but these are not 2 of them. Always, there, Always faithful, Always willing to catch whatever life throws at them.

Sleep, I am not certain you can ever have enough. There is no better way to pass the hours when need to escape or get better.

I truly am thankful for my children, all 4 of them, including their bodily fluids. Because there is nothing that makes them appreciate me more than a good bout of the stomach flu.

Yes, I am most certainly thankful for Mr. Producer because I can not think of anyone else I want sleeping on the living room floor with me and twins while they (COVER YOUR EYES IF YOU ARE WEEK) vomit in tandem.

In a few days, when we can all eat again without the fear of seeing it again, I will be Thankful for turkey and all that goes with it!

Mostly, I am thankful for the quiet time, relaxing time, just the 6 of us together with no where to go, SNUGGLE TIME! THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE FOR THIS REASON ONLY!

Just to be fair, I do have to list a few things that are HIGHLY overrated!

Carpet, if you have ever had children with the stomach flu, you know what I am talking about. Anyone have a few extra bucks to throw my way for some professional carpet cleaning?

Housekeeping, other that the laundry and bathroom, I have decided that everything else is very inconsequential (at least this week)!

The Phone, really people, I know you mean well. BUT.ENOUGH.ALREADY. We are sick, when we survive the sinking of the ss. yucket bucket, we will let you know. Until then, the phone ringing just wants to make me run to the bathroom. I do mean this in the nicest way possible!!! Luv Ya!

Pedialite. This stuff alone would make you sick even if you weren't to begin with. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!

Lastly, FOOD. Really, you have no idea how overrated it is. I promise, the human body can survive for days with only bread and tea (I would make a great prisoner, at least for the moment)

I hope everyone had/has a great day eating turkey and being with family. We will join you in the merriment, but in true family fashion, we will be late!



LovingLegacy said...

oh, honey, i am SOOOOOO sorry! hugs (long-distance ones, lol!) and well wishes.

momof4sweetsisters said...

You look wonderful when i saw you on Saturday! Hair looks Marvaaaalous! I think you were faking....heeheehee
Hope everyone is on the mend.

Teri said...

What a crappy friend I am, I had no idea you had such a terrible/wonderful Thanksgiving. Kudos to you for finding the beauty in it all. Of course, that is just one of your many gifts.