Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sharing the laugh

There is a strong possibility, a certainty if you will, that I will make at least 1 spelling or grammatical error tonight.


Well, thank you for asking. I am flipping through my high school yearbook. Need I say more?

Again, why?

It is the man's fault really. Being that he is in Vegas and all winning 10's of thousands (of pennies that is),


So, I decide to play around on facebook since I can't seem to find any stores currently stocking a Wii (a post for another day).

Don't ask my how I got started. B.U.T. apparently, I wasn't content with just being a voyeur in the life of people that are willing to publicly proclaim they know me. NO. NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH. FOR.ME. I have to research old friends that I couldn't have made it through high school without.

Yes, I did actually find a couple.
Yes, I did actually send them a friend request to see if they are still willing to publicly admit knowing me (I was much cooler in high school, haha).
Yes, I did have to grab an old yearbook and reminisce

AND G.I.G.G.L.E. so hard I am crying and can't see the keyboard to type correctly.

Ah, the hair, the clothes, the cuteness, the perkiness (man what 4 kids will do to unnamed body parts;), the innocence and youthfulness of us all.


It is fun to look back at the pictures, the memories, the friends. It is fun to reconnect on facebook and if you are uberpopular, myspace. It is fun to giggle at the way we were.

It is so much more fun to be mommy to Adam, Katie, Becca and Jason. Thanks kids. Someday you too will have wonderful memories to look back on.

And no Katie, not the one about the roach under the stove. LOL! I love you ms. exuberant.

(Hey hon, cash out the big bucks and come home nobody has a wii in stock to buy anyway;)

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