Tuesday, October 7, 2008

lead me through

I do not know the exact bible verse that states something like

"He who leads you to it, will lead you through it" (I just know that someone out there will tell me though).

There are days that I live my life that I couldn't be more positive how true that is.

Today will be a day that I will not be able to get through on my own.

There is much, too much to be done.

And, currently my heart and soul are much, too much tired to do it all.

I just want to curl up in bed and sleep until it is all better. Even more depressing is the fact that there are millions of America's out there who feel the same way.

Rarely do all these worlds collide but today they have. THE SCHEDULE (which, yes, I have done to myself)
*Return call to hospital to pre-register for Mammogram
*Call ACH - set up payment for bill
*Bank - deposit $
*Target - cat food (how in the heck did I run out of this?)
*$1 - 4H supplies
*Walgreens - refill ink cartridge
*Park - time to run and stretch legs before rest of day.
*Home - bath and lunch
*School - pick up Katie
*Home - twins nap, Katie lunch then nap, Mommy dishes, clean kitchen, Adam breathing treatment, homework, daily reading, kids chores, pack snacks, change diapers and clothes
*4H - finish preparing garden and have meeting/make scarecrows (leave early for basketball)
*Basketball practice/meet teammates (leave early for school workshop/dinner)
*School workshop/dinner (leave early for home/pilates)
*Jim and kids finally home, older 2 get baths and finish chores, everyone gets stories and bed time routing (brush teeth, songs, prayers) - Mommy at Pilates.
*Finally home - make lunches, get everything ready for tomorrow, finish any cleaning up, sit for a minute and check email and BREATHE!

Honestly, the rest of the week gets better, but only a little!

THE WEARINESS (preface with: some complaints are valid and some are whining, I'll admit)
*Roof/ceiling leaking - BIG TIME! Jim thought he got this fixed yesterday, then it rained last night.
* Dentist appts. that need made and kept and lack of $ or insurance to afford/do either.
* General tiredness, feeling VERY overworked with house/yard/birthday party work
*Concern over lumps/mammo
*Trying to make plaque/craft to sell, no $ or time to make to make $
*Trying to continue to work on starting non-profit, no time for paperwork or start-up, no $ for paperwork/filing fees
*Major Ant problem that just "moves" instead of leaves
* Broken pond pump, breeding mosquito's (again with the damn $)
*feeling very needed/used (not in an enjoyable way by most members of family)

You choose the valid, the whining. Either way, they are what they are!

So, other than unloading on you, anyone who MAY still be reading. I am asking for you to pray that HE sees me through today. I know that HE will, but a few extra prayers in that direction would be appreciated.

Now, off to start the craziness!

Is it bedtime yet ;-?

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