Wednesday, October 15, 2008

muddling through

This crazy, wonderful, fun life.

Man, I miss my blog-time. Either posting or reading, all of it gives me a sense of ahhhhhhh.

Least you think that I have forgotten either how to read or write, let me assure you I have not.

I simply am struggling to find time to even brush my teeth right now (make no mistake though, I AM finding time for that!).

I am getting my bearings.

This is the 1st year I have had more than 1 child involved in something and any child involved in more than 1 thing!

So, please bear with me as I muddle the kids and myself through organizing basketball games and practice, church play practice, gymnastics and 4H gardening planting, watering and weeding. Think of me as I super-clean, super-organize and prepare for a garage sale (while hubby is gone). Pray for me as I try to find time to craft (and hopefully sell), volunteer, exercise/Pilate's and sleep, relax and enjoy time with the kids. Finally, wait patiently for me . . . I'll be back! S.O.O.N!!!!!

1 comment:

Octamom said...

I absolutely adore your header--your babies are precious!

Keep your head up on the activities thing--it does take some getting used to! We have 3 in soccer and 5 dancing this year--good thing I took that driver's ed class in high school! Hee hee!