Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear dad,

You may not have conceived me. You weren't there when I was born. You may not have raised me as a child.

I got to watch you tonight with my kids, alone for a minute as I peeked at you through the living room window.

I got to witness for a moment the kind of daddy that you might have been to my siblings.

While I would love to say I am jealous of my siblings for having you at ages I did not. I am not. Dad, I would not have loved and appreciated you during those years like I do now. I would not have remembered whether you read to me. I now get the joy of watching and remembering you reading to and snuggling with my daughters. I would have taken for granted the love of a father. Now, I stand amazed that you so willingly took on a 13 year old and loved her so completely as your own.

Dad, I know I put you through some hard times. Now as a parent myself I cringe at the thought of how I broke your and mom's heart sometime. B.U.T. I also thank God daily for his loving mercy and grace and for making you my dad.

You once gave me a mini plague that said "You didn't grow under my heart but in it". Tonight, as you so bravely agreed to keep all 4 kids for me, by yourself, I realize that there is nothing you won't do to make your little girl happy. As I watched you for a few minutes through the window, I also realized that there has never been a Papa who loves his grandchildren more.

13 years in the making was worth every minute. Thank you dad, for everything. You make me proud to call you dad!


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Anonymous said...

beautiful. that's all i can say. how lucky he is to have you as a daughter.