Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bear Bear

I remember holding you in the hospital for the 1st time. It was just you and me, alone. I was still pretty drugged up and very worried about your brother. You were fine, healthy as could be, just being kept in NICU, guilty by association. The nurse brought you to me. I remember looking at how little you were, so excited to be able to nurse you, hold you! When you were done nursing, I laid you on the bed, unwrapped you, counted 10 toes. I looked at your cute little belly. Your eyes wide open. Staring at me as I talked to you. The sound of my voice bringing recognition and soothing to you. I honestly remember feeling so wrapped up in concern for your brother (and the kids at home) that I wasn't overcome with emotion for you! I knew you were healthy, I was happy you were born, happy, safe, here finally.

The first year of your life is a blur of breastfeeding, diaper changing, crying, sleeping. The next year was made of learning. You mastered walking, talking, eating, laughing, loving.

For you the age of 2 has been wonderful! There were no terrible 2's for you!
This has been the year you have developed your personality and come out of your shell.

Of all the kids Rebecca, I think you are the most like me! You get mad very easily, then forgive and forget just as quickly! You don't let others in easily but when you do they are in for life. You love to randomly say I love you. You know how those 3 little words don't need to be said but how they put a smile on the face of the person hearing them. You are passionate. You are very independent and strong. You don't want to admit you need help. Often you will ask for it then just as quickly change your mind, saying you can do it yourself! You love to help others, you like to be close, to cuddle, to hug, to kiss. But you also walk away when you need your space. You freely admit that you need time alone. You love to please people. You are your happiest when everyone around you is happy, content and loved. It makes you nervous and upset when people are mad, yelling, fighting. You love to laugh and giggle and fall into giggling fits that are very contagious! You have some very cute, quirky habits that I just can't help but love.

I am so looking forward to watching you continue to develop your personality this year. It is bittersweet to watch you grow. On one hand, I am sad to see you leave a stage behind and on the other I am excited to watch you learning and exploring! You have a shy curiousity about you that is both sweet and endearing.

I love watching you and Katie grow closer as sisters and friends. Yet, it is sweet to watch that you and Jason have not lost your special bond of being twins!

I hope that this coming year brings even more wonderful memories, places to visit, things to learn.

I am proud to be your mommy and I love you Becca bear.......

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Melanie said...

Sniff! Very sweet! And you are not alone, the easy going kids are sometimes forgotten, not intentional but it happens. She is a gem! Just like you!