Sunday, February 21, 2010


wow. little man, I can not believe you are 3!

I can not believe that for 1098 nights I have gone to bed and thanked God that you are here. From the moment of your conception, I prayed that you would be born healthy. And even though we had some tough days immediately after your birth, I am even more blessed than I deserve to be.

Oh Jason, you are the consummate baby! While some may see this as a bad thing or being weak, I quite honestly view it as just the opposite.

You have learned very early on in life that there is something to be said for sitting back and watching. That sometimes, you learn just as much by watching without actually doing.

You were like that with walking, talking, potty training. Becca was first to do all those things and you were content to learn from watching her. Almost immediately when you began to walk, talk, use the potty it was with few mistakes.

You have learned that sometimes it is easier to let the girls have their way. To let them be the boss. You will make a great husband some day :)

You are the most like your dad in the respect. You are very laid back. Yet, when you want to stand your ground, you rarely back down. You don't get mad easily, you take out most of what is dished your way but you won't let yourself get beat up either.

I worry sometimes that because they outnumber you, that the girls take advantage of you. But of all the kids, you are the one that is happiest to play by yourself and the most vocal about telling the others to leave you alone.

Often times, it seems the girls don't know how to play alone or be alone. But, you are comfortable being alone in a way that even a lot of adults are not!

A friend made a comment a few days ago that it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. As soon as I heard those words, I immediately thought of you! The indication there though is that you are intentionally doing something wrong because you know permission will not be granted. Rarely is that the case with you I think. Usually, I think it is simply that you act first and think later.

While this trait may get you a few more spanking than the other kids. It can also serve you well later in life if you use it correctly. I can see you most being either a public servant or an engineer of some sort. Either profession can benefit and often requires you to do and then think.

Jason, you have never lost that beautiful grin or the big bright eyes you had as an infant. You have also never lost your big heart. You are so full of love. You would give up anything for anyone. You see the value in everything, from a cock roach to a person. You are the one most likely to go with anyone, rarely seeing the bad in a person. You have the amazing ability to be both a fighter and a lover. To be curious and excited over the big things, the stars...airplanes to the little things, ants...m & m's. You love to cuddle and give and receive hugs!

There is no doubt my little blonde angel that from conception, you had to fight to be here. You are strong. You are sweet. You are perfect!

I am looking forward to the challenges, laughs, hugs, learning, experiences, memories, cuddles and fun that this year brings.

Your curiosity and joy at life make it both fun and exciting to be your mommy! I am proud to say you are my son!

I love you JJ bird!

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Melanie said...

This was precious!!! He does sound a lot like his Daddy! You are so blessed to have such wonderful kids!