Friday, February 26, 2010


Sometimes the urge strikes to just run away....

To turn your back on the chores at hand...

To forget about the to-do list, the obligations, the technology, the seeming worries and burdens....

Sometimes, the wanderlust hits and you want to leave it all behind...

Then if your like me, you call your voice of reason.

And you are reminded that you are indeed very blessed, very lucky, very loved.

Even if the reminder comes in the form of a stern no!

Sometimes you have to look beyond the words and hear what isn't said.

The chores will be there when you return.

The to-do list, the obligations a reminder of all the things you do because you love.

The worry and burdens, simply taken care of by prayer and faith. If not for that, then they will be taken with you anyway!

Sometimes, you just have to play a game of Uno Moo with a sweet, loving, bright, beautiful 3 year old to remember, enjoy and appreciate that you don't need to get away.... that everything you need is within your reach...

Thanks voice of reason and said 3 year old to remind me of what I have known all along.... I am one lucky wife and mother!

I love you all!

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