Sunday, February 14, 2010


What is it about Valentines Day that brings out the Eeyore in us girls?

Really, I'll be the first to agree that the holiday is a horrible attempt by hallmark, Whitman's, Russell Stovers and the floral and jewelery industry to convince us women our men need to purchase these unhealthy, expiring, overpriced items on a very specific day to prove their love to us.

Even acknowledging this attempt doesn't diminish the desire for or need to have this archaic display of affection.

With that being said... My dear friend Eeyore, I need to let you know you are not alone in your desire and need for affection... for the reaffirmation of love... for wanting to know you rock his world... for needing to occasionally hear him say you are his world!!

We all have days where we feel unloved, unattractive and just needed! We all have times where we want to be more than the wife. We want to be treated, loved, romanced like a girlfriend! Sadly my friend, I don't think they get it! We all have times where we want to dance in the living room, we want them to pick us up when they kiss us, make us feel like we are in a movie, where we want random love letters, an out of the blue text... gift... flowers... card... sweet gesture of love. Unasked, simply because they want to!

But, pick your head up Eeyore! We are luckier than most. We have great men. We have men that are wonderful husbands, that even though they may not tell or show us as often as we'd like... even though they don't dance with us in the living room, they do adore us! We are lucky to have men who are great fathers. Who love their jobs, their lives, who work hard to provide for us. We are lucky they do come home to us every night, who long for us when they are away. Who would admit if presses that we are their world! You just have to look into their eyes, hold their hand, kiss their lips to know for sure.

So know that today and everyday, without flowers... chocolate... cards... jewelry.......... They do think we are a princess and not an Eeyore... (thanks for noticing me... :)

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