Saturday, January 1, 2011

goodbye 2010

The anticipation of a new year always brings out the "do better" in all of us. Everyone makes resolution based on things they want to improve...lose weight, work less, laugh more, etc. While these thoughts sound wonderful on Dec 30, 31, Jan 1 and maybe even 2nd. By the 3rd, usually we have all fallen back into the same routine. While this is never an intentional decision, it just happens. And truthfully, there is nothing wrong with that. Half of self improvement comes from recognizing our weakness and accepting them.
I personally always make resolutions and well just as consistently fail to follow through with them! Its ok, i still make them and laugh.
2010 brought many good memories, lots of times with friends and family. We had many visits from the tooth fairy, many gray hairs added in the process of being a football mom and parent of a very rambunctious, curious 3 yr old boy, lots of laughs from the animation, antics and attitudes of my sweet daughter...yes i can laugh at their attitudes because i know they get them from me and i can see how ridiculous i look :) All the fab 4 kids are in school. This is bittersweet for me to say the least. Everything about my kids growing and learning is bittersweet! 2010 also brought a busier schedule for Mr. Producer and a return to the work force for me. Our schedules are busy and crazy and there is no way we could do it without the help of awesome family and friends. We are truly blessed.....and havent lost a kid yet ;)
2011 will bring with it an increase in the craziness. The health freak in me is training for a half marathon which i will attempt to survive the end of February. The nerd in me has been itching for some time to do homework harder than 3rd grade spelling and off to college i go...again. like so many things in life i swore i would never do, i am returning to my alma mater. 2011 will not see me graduate from there, im saving that for 2013...hey i gotta have something to talk about then!
For all of you...2010 brought some changes and 2011 will bring many more...some good, some bad. But if you're reading this than the one constant has been you being a part of our chaos! And we are glad for that!
2010 was a great year. Not perhaps the best ever, but definitely a great one. However, i am ready to start anew, resolutions made with every attempt to forget them in 3 bring on 2011.
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