Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mr. Producer

Laying in bed listening to you softly snore and watching you sleep. I can't help but think I am a lucky girl!

With every couple friend we have that gets divorced I can't help but reflect on our marriage.

It is not perfect, Lord knows sometimes it seems its been equal parts work and love. But, truthfully, there is no one else I would rather work at and love with than you!

Sometimes I think of all the things we have not in common and wonder what we do.

And then it hits me... does it really matter?

I relax by playing on the computer or reading, you by watching tv.
I am more assertive...take charge, you are more laid back.
I am more social...outgoing, you are more introverted...a homebody.
I am more practical day to day, you are more of a dreamer.
I am more concrete, you are more abstract.

Yet, in spite of these differences, we have something in common that is more important than our children even... We have our love of each other!

And in the end, that is what it is all about. Being in love with each other! Everything else is just a bonus!

I love you, when we agree and when we don't, when we are happy and fun and when life gets in the way, when we are being silly or when we are being serious, when we are rich (ok maybe that hasn't happened yet but it will someday:) or when we are poor, when you are home or away...

Thank you for 13 wonderful years and for giving me the most beautiful perfect space ever in which to celebrate, relax and enjoy!!!!

I LOVE YOU, I hope you never doubt that and always know just how very much I DO!

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