Monday, January 17, 2011

A room

with a smell view!!

***Disclaimer.........joyfully, there are NO before pictures***

1 boy + 1 girl = marital bliss + 1 2 bedroom house = domestic bliss + 1 baby boy and a baby girl on the way = remodel and addition.

A couple years of trying to conceive a sibling for Little man and the only result we had conceived was the blueprints for a bigger house. With construction underway (by Mr. Producer himself) for a growing house, a growing belly was soon to be. The end result of this construction would be a Master Suite for the executive producer and his farmer girl wife. I use the term Master Suite loosely as our "little" love shack left no room for a bathroom to be added to this Master Suite no matter how we longed for one! What the master suite lacked in bathroom ability, it would make up for in love! This was to be our room, and our room only! The Little Man that crept into our bed at night would not be permitted to continue his nocturnal wanderings. HAHAHA! It would happen....when a screaming baby arrived on the scene :)

The room built in time to move in with plenty of room for my ever expanding belly and I couldn't have been happier. As time passed, we added an antique cradle to the bedroom...the 2nd clue, our room was not to be our own....for a VERY long time!!!!

The plans made for this cute pink bundle of joy to be moved to her own room very quickly, like night 4 after her birth. Oh, the plans you have before you become a parent!

Amazing girl taught us very quickly that she had her own mind right from the beginning. This would be the first of many battles we lost!

Many, many, many months later (like 9/10) Amazing girl decided that she no longer needed mommy's body as her personal pacifier and went (not without protest) to her own room.

And oh how we celebrated!!!! We were finally ready to have our own room.....kid free (because we may have thought we were done having children)........JUST OURS!!!

Did I mention, we celebrated?

Well, yes and within a couple very short months, the world noticed that we celebrated! The larger I grow (very quickly I might add) the more noticeable it became that we had enjoyed our brief couple of months of privacy!!!!

Resigning ourselves to the acceptance of twins, we began to wonder where we would place 2 sweet, breastfed all night long, squawking, squirming deliveries the stork would be bringing. Which room, Little Mans or Amazing girls would house the 2 creatures? Which room would best provide me the ability to feed them at night, with as much help as I could get? Which room would provide the farthest space away from other children to allow them to sleep through the night?

Well, there really was only one solution.....OURS!

The cradle, much to small for twins, that had just recently been removed was now replaced by a full size crib! OH MY!!!!! We really are having twins, and yes, they really will be living in our house!

So begins the very quick downhill slide of us losing our HAVEN!

Little Momma and The Baby resided in our room for about 6 months, then they were given the boot!

Yet, somehow they never really left and instead were joined by the other 2.

Saturday morning snuggle, tickle and giggle times (yes, people, I am talking about with the kids) were enjoyed and even welcomed. Sick children were placed in our bed, because well honestly, its easier and mommy is lazy :) Nap time snuggles with various offspring were cherished moments. The new puppy would be safest in her crate in our room. Time outs were easier in our room, no toys to play with. TV time alone for Little Man would be rewarded in our room. Bugs getting into the Christmas decorations in the shed, no problem, store it in our room. The old 32" TV would certainly provide more comfortable viewing in our room. My exercise equipment (that gets used all the the kids :) would best be stored in our room. Laundry folded or in the process of, would get thrown on our bed.

You get the idea, our room, became the storage area where we would, after clearing off the bed at night, fall into a dream filled sleep.

I share a 1100sq ft house with 5 other people, a dog and a cat.....I began to LOOOOONG for and NEED a room of my own. We fixed the lock on the door, determine to keep little people out, but they still managed to get in, sometimes being more of an interruption than a welcomed guest.

It would seem the more I longed for my own private retreat, the more they tried to get in. I once again caved and had an open door policy....everything else lived in there, why shouldn't the kids come and go as they pleased too?!

As any of my close friends, that I actually allowed into the inner sanctum of disgust can attest to, our bedroom was in serious need of a make-over!!!!

Mr. Producer has listened to me whine, cry, plead, yell, threaten ask for a while that we please make them go away take our room back!!!!

One day a couple weeks ago, he informs me that he has an anniversary surprise for me that requires me to be out of the house....alone....ALL DAY!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!! I don't even care what the surprise is when he informs me that he wants me to have a manicure, pedicure, lunch and shopping with my friends!!!

As the day in question got closer, little pieces of my surprise were revealed....he wanted my input on a new comforter set (to replace the one that had been "colored" on with permanent marker by "not me") and he might have let it slip that he was putting in new carpet (to replace what the dog though of as her potty training pad) and oh ya, he is building something?! I am giddy, elated and curious at the thought of getting new sheets and carpet that doesn't carry the fragrance of urine and something my master woodworker is building. Again, I whine, cry, plead, threaten ask him to please let me in on the surprise! He does NOT cave! So, wait I must!

Boy oh boy, the wait was so worth it!!!!!!

Below are pictures of the product of my surprise....

We have a new policy, with a door that actually locks.....NO KIDS ALLOWED......Let me repeat this in case you missed it the 1st time around.......NO CHILDREN, KIDS, OFFSPRING, RUGRATS ALLOWED. Even our friends, after the initial inspection, will NOT BE ALLOWED!!! Sorry guys, I love you all, but this is finally my haven, my retreat, my resort room (minus the maid). Quite honestly, I may never come out (except for the bathroom)....yep, I may even have to kids pass me food under the door.

All I can say is this.....yes, Mr. producer designed and built the furniture (headboard, dresser and nightstands) himself! and Yes, IT IS PERFECT AND BLISSFUL AND HEAVENLY AND I AM IN LOVE!!!! (and I may or may not have burst into tears when I saw it)

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LD BFF said...

How did I not see this post???
I laughed, I cried, I screamed when I saw the room at the end!
Amazing work!