Sunday, January 23, 2011

my rule

I only have 1 rule as a teacher, whether it was my own classroom or subbing....1 rule that I live by....

I will give you the same respect you give me.

The kids "get it" and usually, they are respectful and I rarely have problems.

I often feel like I have this rule in my day to day life. Whether, in my interactions with students, friends, strangers or family, it seems this rule follows me and I see it in my children (yikes!)

Yet, today as I was standing in the kitchen.... (really I don't know why I have other rooms in my house as I seem to rarely get out of the kitchen) I realized that my 1 rule in life has a major flaw.

I don't really want to disrespect people. It's just not typically in my nature. Yes, I do have times where I am mean or short tempered (shocking I know ;) or rude. But really, I don't want to be and always feel bad later.

So, with that being said.....I now have a new rule. Really, it isn't my rule. I didn't make it up, just changing the wording a little. It is the same rule I want my children to inherit, adopt and live by....daily!

I will give you the same respect I WANT you to give me!

Ouch....the wording is pretty similar between the "old" rule and the "new" one, yet the understanding and connotation so different.

It is easy to snap at those we love, trust and know will always be there. Yet, each time we do, the damage, although usually unnoticeable, is done.

So....peeps, please accept my apology for ever treating you poorly before. I know that I will have many other opportunities in my life to apologize, as I am only human and WILL most certainly falter....

But from this day forward, please know that my new years lifetime goal is to ....always treat you with the same respect I want you to treat me with.

Will everyone I know treat me with that respect all the time for the rest of my God given life? NO WAY!!!!!! But, I am vowing to diligently try to not let others disrespect cause me to be the same in return.

And a challenge, for all my avid readers....... Try it for a day.

They say you need to be the change you want to see in others..... so the challenge is yours....take it if you want....I won't be offended or disrespectful if you don't!!!!

But, please keep in mind, that I am pretty sarcastic and smart-assey by nature, with the intent of being funny and not please, if you think I am being me out on it. If you know me at all, you know I will and do say I am sorry and mean it!!!!!!

Love ya all!!!!

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