Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm sorry.....what????

"M.....Is very frustrated right now... Just cuz i don't earn a check every week doesn't mean what i do everyday isn't important!"

This was a status update posted by a friend of mine on facebook earlier today..........

Now, I will admit that I had to stew on this for a few hours before I could respond. To further the honesty, I am praying as I type that He helps me watch my tongue so I do not offend anyone!!!!

I would wager the house that she has spoken the words EVERY SAHM has thought, at least ONCE. The world over, I have yet to speak to another SAHM who doesn't feel sometimes frustrated at feeling inadequate as a person because they stay at home. Sometimes these feeling of inadequacy are brought on by others, strangers, spouses, friends. Other times, these feeling come straight from inside of us.

We do not need anyone to remind us that we don't pull a paycheck for wiping noses, butts, tears. I know the checkbook doesn't register the boo-boo's I kiss, the arguments I break up, the games I play. The bank doesn't keep track of the dance lessons I drive too, the dinners I cook, the fevers I cool.

Additionally, we don't need anyone to tell us that working mothers do these things too. We know you do!!!

Here is the part that you working mothers out there may not know.............. I. AM. IN. AWE. OF. YOU!!!!!

Really, honestly, I have no idea how you flippin' do it. I admire your strength, your ability to adapt so quickly to the role in front of you.

There are days I have no patience. no energy. no desire to go to work. PERIOD! Yep, it's true. There are MANY days us SAHM want to call in sick!

I can not fathom being mommy, chauffeur, nurse, teacher, chef, wife, friend, and WORKING!

I know the chaos that is my life now, it is fun....I can not imagine the chaos that would be life if we both worked, not so much fun.

There are many working mothers who have to; there are many that choose to; there are some that love to.

There are many SAHM that have to stay home, that choose to stay home.

With all this being said....whether you stay home or not, really isn't important. Whether you spend 15 hours or 1.5 hours a day with your child isn't what matters. Whether they own a Wii, Nike's, or shop at American Eagle, really is insignificant.

What matters is that your child know you love them. That your child knows you are there, you will keep them safe, you care. What is significant is that you teach your children about being kind, loving others, giving to those less fortunate and not judging....

M.....don't be frustrated....what you do everyday is important.

What we all do everyday....teacher, police officer, secretary, student, stay at home parent, producer, nurse, wildlife trapper, bank teller, mommy, important!!!!!

When you choose to have children, you choose to put your life choose to wear your heart on your sleeve and accept it will get broken...A choose to have and give unconditional choose to be strong......

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