Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Have you ever felt you are watching your life unfold as though you were viewing it through someone else's eyes?

Please tell me you too have days where you feel like you are swimming underwater?

Sometimes do you too long for your brain to be like an etch-a-sketch, just shake and clean?

With that being established, how do you "come back"?

With so many vacations (I know, I know...rough, huh?), play time, unscheduledness (yea, I make them up as I go along), I am feeling very unsettled.

If you know me well (or even a little) you know that I am type A. I like to be in charge, I like to have a schedule. I plan months in advance for anything and everything. I have a system for how to do most everything. I think there is a right way to do things (ok, so it is my way, lol). I am not partial to messiness.

If you have just stumbled into my life you may have taken note of the fact that I have 4 kids?!

I think I have done a pretty good job of balancing flexibility, life, chaos with type A. I plan when I can, I pout when I can't! I put everything away, except what I don't. I have outgrown the urge to always make the kids rooms spotless. Really, I have, it is called closing the door. Hey, even Monica had a closet! I still think my way is more right than yours, but I am willing to listen (or at the very least, pretend to). I am still in charge being they are only 7, 4, 2 and 2 (oh and 36, lol) I still have a schedule. It is around here somewhere. Oh there it is, we are on a schedule. Up at 7, breakfast 7:30, lunch at 11:45, nap at 12:30. Up @ 2:30, get Adam at 3, dinner at 6:30, bed at 7:30 and 8:00.

What, wait a minute. I only have a schedule for eating and sleeping?

Well, that explains it.... somehow, somewhere, I lost my schedule. ACK!!!

It all makes sense now. The reason for more chaos, more fun, more whining, more underwater swimming.....our schedule got erased by the etch-a-sketch.

Can you hear the sigh all the way over there?

Ok, well mystery solved. I can go back to watching my life through my own eyes. In our world, all we need is a schedule to "come back"

I wonder though, when I make the new schedule for the year (see I still operate in teacher mode), when shall I incorporate time for my latest addiction: farkling?

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