Tuesday, September 1, 2009


When you think of strength, what comes to mind?

A body builder? An olympic diver? A police man chasing a criminal?

A person in the heat of rescue lifting a car of a victim? A mother fighting to bring her baby into the world? A child reaching for that last monkey bar and making it?

Who do you picture when someone asks you to picture the person in your life that is strong?

Your dad? Husband? Brother?

The single mom you know? Your friend serving in Iraq? The fireman down the street?

Mr. Producer made a facebook fan page for my blog this week. In doing so, he opened up my world for many of my friends to read. Some of these people I have known for years. Others only more recent. Some shared in my greatest moments of happiness and others held my hand through many tears. Yet, there were some that I have known for years that maybe never really knew me/us. Some that knew bits and details of our lives in passing. Some perhaps making judgements for themselves without the full story.

I was, quite honestly, shocked when someone who has become a dear friend sent me a message and stated that I had moved them to tears. (Don't worry your identity will remain a secret on account of you having an image to uphold ;) I was elated when they said that they felt my emotions through my writing. I giggled when they said if I was not allowed to blog anymore. Mostly, I was stunned, genuinely, honestly, truly stunned, when they said I was the strongest person they knew.

My initial reaction was, no I am weak. I falter, I fail, I am tempted, I sin, I get angry, I dream some days of running away.

Then I remind myself, that is what makes us human.

Then I sat down to blog. I was going to say all these great things about everyone being strong when they need to be. You never know what you can do/succeed/accomplish or just merely live through until...you do. God never gives you more than you can handle...

All of these sentiments are very true....not 1 can be discounted.

What I will say is this.....strength isn't something everyone has all the time. Sometimes we are all weak. Sometimes we all have to rely on others to get us through. Even Jesus had to. Our strength, and each persons is unique, comes from our experiences in life and how we are willing and able to process them. Would I have chosen to lose a child, nope not at all...am I grateful that He knew better than me and had great plans for my life...yep! Some struggles make you know that you can accomplish anything and others are only a catalyst for something bigger.

For some reading this your strength may be finishing college, struggling to pay the bills, working out your marriage, conceiving a child, being a parent.
Everyday we all face things that are hard, from surviving the flu to surviving traffic jams to surviving until bed times. Being strong is really just the attitude you choose to have to get you through.

So, yea, we are all strong and with the right people in your life and Him guiding your life, you will always be as strong as you need to be.

Now, when someone asks who you think of when they say strength, let at least one of those people be yourself. It is ok to be strong and even more ok, to admit when you aren't!

Confidential to you...thanks for the compliments, they made my day ;)

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M.A. Strasburger said...

The old adage (sp?) "attitude is everything" really comes into play once you are given responsibility. It's funny because the people I most often see as "strong" are the people who deal with things in the most mature and humane way. I believe that our perception of 'strength' evolves as we grow and encounter new trials. I've never had to wake up 1321 times at night to tend to a crying baby (how is that by the way?), but Ive gone to class from 9-3, work from 4-11 and then started my homework. We all are as strong as we allow ourselves to be :)