Saturday, July 26, 2008

awesome life

As I embark on my 33rd birthday, I have to say I am the single most blessed woman in the world. No, it is not about the gifts, although they were GREAT this year!!!! It has everything to do with the family, friends, love I have in my life. I am married to a man that is truly my best friend; Who loves me as much as I love him!! My kids, oh, I could blog for hours on my children; they are amazing and the second greatest thing I ever did (after marrying my husband). My mom is truly my best friend; I only hope one day that I am blesses enough to have a realtionship with my kids like I have with my mom. I have a wonderful supportive appreciative father. My in-laws are awesome. My friends and beyond compare!!!! Don't hate me for how great my life is, celebreate with me about how blessed I am!!!
The gifts I got this year were suprisingly many, but they pale in comparison to the love, growth and peace that our family has found this year!
I LOVE MY LIFE (it just gets better everyday:-)

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