Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To my Katie

My sweet, exuberant, loving Katie,

Mommy is a little late in writing your birthday letter. I am sorry for that, but grateful that it gave me time to learn more about you! What a love you are!!!! My little baby girl is not turning into a kid. There were days your first year that it seemed I cried as much as you did. If ever there was a child God gave me to teach me the real joy and challenge of parenting, it was you. Little did I know that I would thank God for you millions of times over within the next few years as you were definitely my anchor for having twins. You my precious 3 year old so filled with wonder and awe will never know the love and joy that I have for you until you are blessed enough to become a mother one day. And yes, I hope you have one just like you for there is much joy to be had in having a Katie. Bean, I have had the opportunity the last week to truly catch glimpses of the child you are becoming. What a well mannered, eaasy to please, fiercly independent, comedic and yes, beatuiful child you are. While I know it seems you have you fair share of spankings and time-outs, you have more than your share of hugs, kisses, and love. You are your own person and I admire that you keep your individuality even in times of reprimand. I do not ever want you to change or conform just because someone says so. I hope you always stand your ground and make your decisions based upon your beliefs. HOWEVER, I will caution you dear child to do so with RESPECT! You are definitely not a mean spirited child! You are so filled with love and desire though it often gets unnoticed in your busyness. You have an artists soul and a mother's heart. I still see in my mind the pink little baby that came out kicking and screaming abd you will always be my baby but I am so thoroughly enjoying watching the person you are blossomig into. I love you very much, Katie bean!

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