Friday, July 18, 2008


To say I am at a crossroads in my life is perhaps not the most accurate statement. Let's try to be more precise and say that some of my thoughts/ideals are changing due to newly received information. None of this newly received information is exactly new to the world, just me. Take for example, food co-ops. While these are not the recently discovered answer to economical or global salvation, they are an enlightenment to me. I suppose I knew they existed, I just never thought about them. Now that I am exploring them, I am in awe that they exist , that there are not more of them, that everyone doesn't want to be involved. There are many angles to take this stand point from. Doesn't everyone want to save money? Doesn't everyone want to eat healthier? Doesn't everyone want to know where they food is coming from, what is on it, what is was grown with? Doesn't everyone want to give their kids only the best life has to offer? Doesn't everyone agree that doing better things for the environment is healthier for us, our kids, our grandkids? I can honestly say that just a few months ago, I was like a lot of people. It wasn't that I didn't want these things, I just didn't think about them. Now, some people's first inclination might be to say that it is because I am hanging out with more people from church and that they (christians) are generally more tree huggerish (taking a tracy liberty here and making up my own words for understanding), more back to the basics, more concerened about the environment, community, world. I have to disagree. While that might play a factor in it, it has more to do with becoming more aware of the world around me as I grow up. Most of this fascination and interest was actually sparked by an immediate family member that is not a church goer (and that is perfectly ok). Although, I guess I could argue that maybe the fascination was always there and just dormant since one of my most used sayings on any aspect of life in the past couple of years has been "200 years ago....". Now, here is where I grapple with my new found interest. While I am intrigued with the go healthy and it all makes sense to me, I have yet to find a co-op to be in and truth be told, I like chips, cookies and chocolate (we have already discussed this in an earlier blog) and honestly, I am not looking to make a world of new friends (will discuss this in next blog posting). Now the last comment is only a small portion of the reason why and please no one be offended by that! But really, I like chocolate and chips and cookies and I just don't see how healthy living fits in with that. I know, everything in moderation!! But honestly, if I buy it, have it, am around it, it is very hard to resist. So, I guess I have to learn to walk the walk and talk the talk and indulg OCCASSIONALLY!!!!!!!!!!! After all, I have 4 sets of eyes learning from everything I do and if I am reshaping my family tree financially then I might as well be doing it nutritionally too and maybe I can find the common ground where the 2 go hand in hand!!!!

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