Monday, July 7, 2008


ok, here goes. The top 10 K.I.S.S rules for a happy marriage and parenting - in no particular order!

1. BE RESPECTFUL!!! (if you wouldn't talk to the person sitting next to you in church/work that way/tone/vocabulary then don't talk to your spouse/children/friends that way)

2. FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST (there are no if's, and's or but's here)

3. YOU HAVE MADE THE COMMITMENT, THERE ARE NO DO-OVERS (whether it is in marriage or raising kids or what you say in a fit of anger)

4. BE SUPPORTIVE (you will NOT always agree but at least listen, sympathize and care)

5. FOLLOW THROUGH (do what you say your going to do whether it is a phone call/hug/date/park time)

6. BE FLEXIBLE (life does change, it is unavoidable, make the best of it or at the very least learn to deal)

7. YOU ARE THE BOSS (as the parent you are in charge from eating dinner to not interrupting to not running in the street, you are the boss not the kids) spankings are a good thing!

8. LISTEN (yep, occassionally you have to shut your mouth and listen, amazing things happen when you do)

9. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE (we all have bad traits but the good must always outweight the bad) (we are all individuals with our own thoughts, idea's and beliefs, it is how we get along that counts)

10. DAILY HUGS/KISSES AND I LOVE YOU'S ARE MANDANTORY!!!!!! (everyone needs them, admit it, you do)

Granted, I am not a therapist/doctor/counselor but I am happily married and a mother! These are JMO!!!!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

These are so VERY true - great reminder! Thanks K

Mom / Nana said...

Did I raise an awesome kid or what?! It was most surely with God's help and guidance that you are the wonderful daughter/wife/mother that you are. Kudos to you kiddo. I love you, Mom