Thursday, February 19, 2009

For the record....

There are a million things I should be doing. Really, a million

Emptying the dishwasher
Folding 4 loads of laundry
Catching up on DVR'ed TV
Make a grocery list
Play with Katie
Snuggle with Adam
Make bead jewelry with Katie before the little's get up
Listen to Adam read (homework)
Start dinner
Check my eyelids for holes
Clean up the kitchen
Call my hairdresser
Clean the litter box (Mr. Producer, when are you coming home;)
Pay bills
Work on our finances
Call the dentist
Search for dental insurance plans
Go to the bread store
Rest (yea, with my eye's closed)
Go to the lo-carb store
Clean desk
Clean den
Read next chapter of and work on The Love Dare
Cut-out and organize coupons
Sleep (man 5:45 2 days in a row is a killer)
Clean the bathroom
and most importantly, seek intervention for my facebook and blogging addiction!

There, I admitted it, I need help! Anyone want to come give me a hand with any of my chores?

Oh, you thought I needed help with my addiction? Ha, I got that all under control. I can check these all by myself!!!

Thankfully, Mr. Producer is the world's greatest husband. He will come home, he will help, he will not complain, he will let me know what is going on in everyone's blogging and facebook worlds while I cry that there are not enough hours in the day for me to get my never ending chores done (all while I am emptying the dishwasher and making lunches and cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry) He will smile and hug me when I say we need a housekeeper. He will NOT remind me that I only do this to myself and he will certainly not tell me that I do need some serious intervention! Yea, he may even be found matching the socks, sweeping the floor and pushing me out of bed again at 5:45 tomorrow morning to exercise!! Goodness, he loves me!

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