Monday, September 8, 2008

Going Green vs. Seeing Red

Ok, I am all for going green. Just to do my part, I use mostly all homemade eco-friendly cleaners. I use my reusable bags every time, yes, every time I go to the grocery store, local produce stand, library, etc. I recycle everything I am allowed to, I save all my errands for 1 time so not to waste gas, I am a Nazi about the lights and running water, I only use bottled water when I must and I reuse those bottles (yes, I clean them 1st).

BUT... I have decided there are things that for the next couple years are NOT going to go GREEN in my house because if they did, I would be seeing RED constantly.

I am NOT going to quite using paper towels and paper plates, I am TIRED of spending so much time in the kitchen. I tried to go for a month without paper towels and paper plates and THERE IS MORE TO LIFE!!!!!

Also, I am NOT going to quite using disposable diapers (gasp). Did she really just print that? YES I DID!!!!! I will do a lot for the environment, but I am not taking a poppy diaper off my child and cleaning it out! Besides the fact that it is GROSS, I have twins so I am definitely NOT doing this 4-8 times a day!!!! NO THANK YOU!!!!

Now, those of you that do all the above, I applaud you, you are my hero. But, I don't like everything that my children produce and I certainly don't want to touch it anymore than I have to. Someday when we are rich (from not buying diapers, I know) and famous (because we are so comical and watch worthy :sarcasm) I promise I will donate a HUGE amount of many to going green, but in the meantime I am going to stay away from being red!!!!!!


LovingLegacy said...

amen, sistah! and yes, you can borrow A. she would love it! hee,hee!

momof4sweetsisters said...

Yes to the diapers! That's one area I wouldn't change. I do a mixture of paper and cloth towels that seems to work for us. I did give up paper plates, gasp.....I never thought I would. Haven't gotten past the napkins.. trying but sauce is sauce!My chicks are a bit older so I' ve got help in the kitchen and on the laundry front. Do what you can do. Things I thought I'd always do, I haven't. Things I thought I'd never do, I have. I won't be using cloth toilet paper!!!! At least not any time soon. Yuck.